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Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

The open source community works because of the amount of knowledge that is shared between people. Although everyone has knowledge and experiences to share, many do not feel they have anything worthy of saying.

In this talk, I will show that everyone has something to share, how to generate talk topics based on conversations you have every day with your peers, and discuss the different methods of sharing - not all of it is on a stage.

I will also discuss the impact of the share mentality and how it is helpful even for your business.


Jenny Wong

July 18, 2015

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  1. Sharing Knowledge Jenny Wong @miss_jwo

  2. @miss_jwo There is too much to learn.

  3. @miss_jwo You know more than some one

  4. @miss_jwo & less than someone

  5. @miss_jwo Learn from others what we don’t know

  6. @miss_jwo Share what we do know.

  7. Interest

  8. @miss_jwo What is important to you?

  9. @miss_jwo What do you care about?

  10. @miss_jwo What do you want to learn?

  11. @miss_jwo What is your story?

  12. @miss_jwo No one can tell you your experience is wrong.

  13. @miss_jwo No one can tell you your experience is wrong.

  14. Audience

  15. @miss_jwo What do your peers ask about?

  16. @miss_jwo Do you know anything about that topic?

  17. @miss_jwo Do you chat about particular topics a lot?

  18. @miss_jwo What skill level is the audience?

  19. Events

  20. @miss_jwo What type of event is it?

  21. @miss_jwo Conferences

  22. @miss_jwo Camps

  23. @miss_jwo Un-conferences

  24. @miss_jwo User Groups

  25. @miss_jwo etc…

  26. @miss_jwo What is the event’s aim?

  27. @miss_jwo What type of slot is it?

  28. User Groups

  29. @miss_jwo Propose topics

  30. @miss_jwo Ask to speak

  31. @miss_jwo PHP.UG Find your local group:

  32. @miss_jwo Our experiences are what shape us

  33. Conferences

  34. @miss_jwo Call for Papers

  35. @miss_jwo You have to submit to be in with a

    chance to speak
  36. @miss_jwo Title & Abstract

  37. @miss_jwo Write them for the attendee in you

  38. @miss_jwo Get a second view

  39. @miss_jwo helpmeabstract.com Open peer reviewing:

  40. @miss_jwo Press the submit button!

  41. @miss_jwo Rejection

  42. @miss_jwo Ask for feedback

  43. @miss_jwo Trust the organisers

  44. Gotchas

  45. @miss_jwo Someone asking that one question you don't know the

    answer to
  46. @miss_jwo Admit you don’t know

  47. @miss_jwo Feedback

  48. @miss_jwo Speaker Packages

  49. @miss_jwo Preparation takes time

  50. Get Sharing! joind.in/13586 Jenny Wong @miss_jwo hmn.md