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Miss Adventures in Raspberry Pi

Miss Adventures in Raspberry Pi

Keynote at Pycon UK 2014 - A tale of one teacher and her journey from ICT to Computing, and how the wider community can help computing education.


Carrie Anne Philbin

September 21, 2014

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  1. Adventures in Raspberry Pi Miss see me after class B-

    (One teacher’s journey)
  2. Carrie Anne Philbin Award Winning Educator, Author & YouTuber !

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! @MissPhilbin Education Pioneer Raspberry Pi Foundation
  3. Bought a Pi Attended first Raspberry Jam Invited to PyConUK

    Wrote a book Won award February 2012 June 2012 Sept 2012 Summer 2013 December 2013 (heckled) .. now what? Rasp Pi in the classroom Dec 2012 Work for Raspberry Pi January 2014 - present
  4. success My is to you thanks

  5. Why teach computing? Humans need not apply children are creative,

    imaginative, and not afraid of failure social mobility empowering Diversity in tech
  6. The Computing Curriculum new > “From 5, children will learn

    to code and program, with algorithms, sequencing, selection and repetition; ! from 11, how to use at least 2 programming languages to solve computational problems; to design … computational abstractions that model the state and behaviour of real-world problems and physical systems; and how instructions are stored and executed within a computer system.” ! Michael Gove - UK Secretary for Education > ex
  7. Why Raspberry Pi? cheap! a classroom solution Control real world

    objects Pupil Premium Project based learning Community Free resources & training RaspberryPi.org
  8. What you can do to help Raspberry Jam Events Setup

    a Code Club mentor or sponsor a teacher Contribute to free & open Raspberry Pi Resources create & contribute awesome python libraries
  9. Academics Industry Experts Teachers Amazing things happen when we collaborate!

  10. Teachers are for Life … not just for PyCon UK!

  11. … or worse… this guy! or teachers will be stuck

    with this dude
  12. Carrie Anne Philbin Award Winning Educator, Author & YouTuber !

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! @MissPhilbin Education Pioneer Raspberry Pi Foundation