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Life Embetterment With Hundreds of Deployments a Week

Life Embetterment With Hundreds of Deployments a Week

Continuous Deployment and how Vinted journeyed to it. Me and Tomas Varaneckas presented it at Agile Tour Vilnius.

Mindaugas Mozūras

October 10, 2013

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  1. Text Text Git diff between currently deployed code and what

    will be deployed: https://github.com/ vinted/core/compare/ d841b93...1167740
  2. Prepare release: 2 min 43 sec Install gems: 42 sec

    Stop jobs: 58 sec Migrate database: 15 sec Sync translations: 3 min 20 sec Start jobs: 23 sec Restart app: 24 min 12 sec Total: 32 min 33 sec