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Lightning talk about simpler tools.

Mindaugas Mozūras

May 28, 2012

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  1. simpler

  2. “I use <powerful-framework> for everything.” Some dude

  3. with power...

  4. ... come a lot of things.

  5. rails django cucumber socketstream ember.js

  6. Harder to understand what’s going on underneath.

  7. Easy to create a Rails app using Rails.

  8. Easy to create a Django app using Django.

  9. Harder to create an app that they weren’t meant for.

    But people try...
  10. Take more time to set up.

  11. You Ain’t Gonna Need It

  12. less power

  13. sinatra flask minitest express batman.js

  14. More flexibility.

  15. Easier to understand what’s going on underneath.

  16. Easier to set up.

  17. Good choice for smaller apps and prototypes.

  18. before you think pick

  19. I’ll use Rails for everything!

  20. No.

  21. I’ll use Sinatra for everything!

  22. None
  23. Pick the right tool for the job.

  24. Simpler tools should not be forgotten.

  25. codingfearlessly.com twitter.com/mmozuras github.com/mmozuras thanks!