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Personalized Chatbot with Mautic

Personalized Chatbot with Mautic

Personalized Chatbot with Mautic - MautiCon 2020


Mohit Aghera

November 17, 2020

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  1. 1 axelerant.com Personalized Chatbot with Mautic Mohit Aghera, Prateek Jain

  2. 2 axelerant.com Prateek Jain Director, Consulting & Acquia Services mr_prateekjain

    prateekjain prateekjain87 Mohit Aghera Technical Architect mohit_rocks mohit-rocks mohitaghera About Us
  3. 3 axelerant.com 9+ Years Of Growth 120+ Fully Distributed Team

    Members 100+ Enterprise Engagements Qualitative Open Source Contributor Global Collaboration With Agencies A Quick Axelerant Overview
  4. 4 axelerant.com Industrial Revolutions Artificial intelligence is transforming every experience

    1700s 1800s 1900s Today 1st Industrial Revolution Steam 2nd Industrial Revolution Electricity 3rd Industrial Revolution Computing 4th Industrial Revolution Intelligence
  5. 5 axelerant.com Digital Engagement Conversational service across every digital channel

    Mobile Messaging SMS, In-app Messaging Web Social Media Self-service Communities & Portals, Live Agent Web Chat Social Customer Service - Twitter, Facebook
  6. 6 axelerant.com Digital Engagement: The Customer Experience Business still fails

    to provide a engaging customer experience because - • Accessibility Issues and Slow Onboarding • Low Handling Capacity • Unsatisfied Customers • Navigation Challenges • Boring and time consuming
  7. 7 axelerant.com Key trends of digital engagement - real-time, connected,

    and personalized 71% of customers expect companies to interact with them in real-time 80% of customers expect consistency when interacting across multiple departments 73% of customers expect tailored experiences based on past interactions Source: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/customer-engagement-trends/
  8. 8 axelerant.com Digital Engagement: ChatBots Bots - Chat and Voice

    • Scalable • Faster Onboarding • Work Automation • Proactive and Predictable • Cost Effective • Accessible Anytime
  9. 9 axelerant.com Mautic and Personalization Mautic allows dynamic customization in

    emails, forms, and landing pages for specific customer segments or groups of leads and prospects.
  10. 10 axelerant.com One-to-one Personalization with ChatBot and Mautic

  11. 11 axelerant.com DEMO

  12. 12 axelerant.com Mautic Plugin for Drift

  13. 13 axelerant.com Setting up Drift Application

  14. 14 axelerant.com DriftPluginJSSubscriber.php Step 1 : Subscribing to events

  15. 15 axelerant.com DriftPluginJSSubscriber.php Step 2 : Contact Tracked

  16. 16 axelerant.com DriftPluginJSSubscriber.php Step 3 : Inserting JavaScript to mtc.js

  17. 17 axelerant.com Personalized Drift ChatBot

  18. 18 axelerant.com Recommend Engage Repeat Understand Conversational Framework Image Source:

    https://instapage.com/blog/chatbot-personalization. https://chatbotsmagazine.com/amplifying-user-intelligence-with-chatbot-feedback-loops-b8e6ded391ec
  19. 19 axelerant.com Mautic Plugin Development using Integration Framework Time: 12:00pm

    UTC Track: 5 We will be discussing: • Leveraging integration framework to build complex data sync plugins that sync data between third-party systems and Mautic. • Setting up new plugins that can leverage integration Framework • Managing plugin data synchronization related configuration • Handling authentication with third party systems • Listening to webhooks and managing data storage in the Mautic
  20. 20 axelerant.com Questions?

  21. 21 axelerant.com Prateek Jain Director, Consulting & Acquia Services mr_prateekjain

    prateekjain prateekjain87 Mohit Aghera Technical Architect mohit_rocks mohit-rocks mohitaghera Thank you!