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What I do and how I do in my first global company

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April 18, 2019

What I do and how I do in my first global company

Grobal Engineer Meetup 18 April 2019



April 18, 2019

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  1. 1 @mookjp Global Engineers Meetup / Apr 18 2019 What

    I do and how I do in my first global company
  2. 2 Software Engineer / Backend 2019.2〜 Mercari 2013.4〜 Recruit Technologies

  3. 3 How I work and what I work for in

    2 months Today I will talk about... How we work as a global team 02 01
  4. 4 How I work and what I work for What

    I work for in 2 months
  5. 5 画像 We released the new feature for cosmetics listing!

    Cosme-barcode listings
  6. 6 We develop a new microservice for cosmetics catalog Cosmetics

    Catalog Microservice Cosmetics catalog service New microservice Mercari App 1. Check the category is supported for barcode listing 2. Get product information by barcode 3. Fill the listing content by the product information
  7. 7 Architecture of our microservice gRPC server index Cloud Firestore

    Kubernetes cluster importer Create index on memory While initializing Cloud Firestore Trigger Admin server Update master data Update index when Firestore update event is triggered gRPC request
  8. 8 How we design the architecture 見出し Create design Doc

    Discuss in the team • Decide requirements for the new feature • Discuss about what kind of technologies we need • Have some options for the design • Create design doc by following the template in Mercari • It has background, interface, architecture, etc... • Review in the team • Get review from other team • Discuss again with reviews we got • Re-design if it is needed Get review
  9. 9 How we create a new microservice • Create a

    pull request to terraform repository ◦ GCP project and some resources • Create a pull request to proto repository ◦ Client / Server module • Implement the service • Build the container image by CI • Deploy the service on kubernetes cluster We can start a new microservice *really* quickly
  10. 10 How we work as a global team After joining

  11. 11 So... what’s the difference between domestic environment and global

  12. 12 What I have importance to work in my team

    Respect Communication Try to understand one’s idea correctly and respect it Communicate with each other in common language
  13. 13 Backend Commerce Domain Team @johnny_oqrusk @Anukul @Prashant Maurya @mookjp

    Tech Lead From Japan From India From India From Japan
  14. 14 Speak English between Japanese speakers! We decided to talk

    in English between Japanese speaker So that we can have casual chatting between any members and make our distance short
  15. 15 画像 Pair-Programming

  16. 16 画像 Mob-Programming

  17. 17 Photo of scrum Scrum

  18. 18 What is the key? Communicate and respect your team

  19. 19 Today I will talk about... How I work and

    what I work for in 2 months How we work as a global team 02 01
  20. 20 Thanks for hearing my talk!