Boost Maintainability

D16bc1f94b17ddc794c2dfb48ef59456?s=47 Mosky
June 03, 2016

Boost Maintainability

In your code base, to understand a random line, how many lines do you need to read back? Cloud you make it zero?

This talk will start with the impact of the maintainability, define the maintainability as “to understand a random line, the lines you need to read back”, show the practicing techniques to make it zero, or nearly zero, and finally, reach the goal: boost the maintainability.

It's the revision of “Beyond the Style Guides” [1] and the talk at PyCon TW 2016 [2], PyCon APAC/KR 2016 [3], and GDG DevFest Taipei 2016 [4].




June 03, 2016