How an Educator Came to <3 Crypto

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May 18, 2015

How an Educator Came to <3 Crypto



May 18, 2015


  1. How an Educator Came to <3 Crypto @mozzadella, Educator at

  2. Vanessa was quite happy as a spunky edupunk on the

  3. Mission-driven educational work! Open, free and accessible! Huzzah!

  4. I felt weird about “money”

  5. Until I met Joyce Kim…

  6. public infrastructure for money cryptographic hash multiple currencies the financial

    system is broken The concepts sounded scary
  7. “Digital currency” seemed really hard. I thought it best to

    let someone else worry about it.
  8. Noticed queues outside check- cashing storefronts in West Philly.

  9. Philadelphia is #9 nationally: 37.8% of our city is unbanked

    or underbanked. Source: 2009 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households.
  10. Post-2008 applicants can be denied a bank account for one

    bounced check.
  11. None
  12. There had to be a better way to include everyone

    in the financial system.
  13. Ok, but what is this “digital financial system”?

  14. It starts with a node. I’m a server spun up

    on the Stellar network.
  15. It starts with a node… Congratulations! Beep. Beep.

  16. The Stellar network transmits funds from node to node

  17. Gateways are portals from fiat currency to the network.

  18. Lumens are the intermediary currency the network uses to transmit

  19. Transactions take 2-5 seconds in a settling up process called

    consensus Looks like it. Do we all agree that Vanessa’s transaction happened? Cool. Ok, let’s update the ledger!
  20. Products can be built on Stellar for solutions at the

    local level. I sell used Apple parts on the Stellar network. We have a lending club.
  21. Stellar is giving away 95% of the 100 billion lumens

    to seed the network.
  22. Once you see how the system works, you can’t un-see

  23. The future of money is digital… we all must know

    how to use it.
  24. 5% 95% Men Women Houston, we have a problem… Demographics

    of bitcoin owners
  25. People who make the products In a Stellar future: People

    who use the products
  26. Disdain Skepticism Curiosity Crystallization Acceptance The 5 stages of learning

    about cryptocurrency
  27. And it’s much less scary.

  28. To learn more: @mozzadella, Educator at @stellarorg