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Leibniz Maps-en

June 20, 2018

Leibniz Maps-en

Leibniz Maps is a web portal to browse more than 1,000 historical maps that have benn provided under CC0 by the Leibniz Institut für Länderkunde.


June 20, 2018


  1. Leibniz Maps
    Matthias Müller-Prove

    Innovation & Interaction Design, Hamburg

    Historical Map Collection 17c-19c

    cc0 4.0 Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde e.V.
    HK 0221

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  2. 1,320 high resolution scans
    62 GByte
    1,127 XML meta data records
    4.1 MByte
    with geo-tags
    HK 0472

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  3. XML

    always a matter of standards

    at browser run-time
    visualisation as table
    interactive search and

    map preview in the

    Chronoscope World
    HK 0059

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  5. all 1127 map records as a browser table
    Chronoscope World

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  6. interactive map preview
    hyperlink to Leibniz Institut für Länderkunde
    fulltext search

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  7. 68 maps found for »Italien«
    visual indicator for amount of data
    transparency slider

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  8. even information density
    5K zoom resolution
    10K scan quality

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  9. correct orientation by turning the world around
    translucent interface
    decent animations

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  11. positions of all maps

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  12. ID, preview and link to Leibniz Maps

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  13. PermaLink for each map
    PermaLink for each map

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  14. data and maps provided by Leibniz-Institut für
    Länderkunde e.V. under creative commons zero
    XSLT + CSS + JavaScript + Web-Design & Usability
    IIIF Image Server manducus.net

    previews provided by seige.digital GbR
    Chronoscope World

    Chronoscope Hamburg is a selected project of the European
    Year of Cultural Herritage 2018 /by Matthias Müller-Prove
    Community Building & Social Collaboration

    @chronohh #leibnizmaps

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  15. personal and explorative
    browsing of maps
    sharing of discoveries
    HK 0221

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  17. Leibniz Maps
    Matthias Müller-Prove
    HK 0043

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