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Einführung in Rust

Einführung in Rust

Rust ist eine moderne Programmiersprache, die Performance und Sicherheit verbindet. Sie ist systemnah und bietet leistungsstarke Abstraktionen, die stark an dynamische Sprachen wie Ruby oder Python erinnern. Rust bietet Speichersicherheit ohne Garbage Collector und macht die Low-Level-Programmierung einfacher und sicherer. Matthias wird einen einführenden Vortrag über Rust halten und in diesem Rahmen auch einige der schönsten Features vorstellen. Außerdem wird er auf Einsatzmöglichkeiten für WebAssembly, Cloud Computing und mehr eingehen.

Matthias Endler

January 24, 2020

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  2. ?

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  3. What Is Rust Doing
    Behind the Curtains?

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  7. Rust is a systems programming language that runs
    blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread
    safety. It aims to bring modern language design and an
    advanced type system to systems programming. Rust
    does not use a garbage collector, using advanced static
    analysis to provide deterministic drops instead.

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  8. Empowering everyone

    to build reliable and
    efficient software.

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  9. Matthias Endler
    - Düsseldorf, Germany
    - Backend Engineer at
    - Website performance team
    - Worked a lot with Python and PHP
    - Likes hot chocolate
    endler.dev mre

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  10. hello-rust.show

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  13. 5.90GiB/s
    GNU cat fastcat

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  15. 3GiB/s
    GNU yes My yes

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  16. Do What You Can't

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  18. Rust Facts
    • Programming language
    • Funded by Mozilla
    • First version: 2010
    • Version 1.0: May 2015
    • Current stable version: 1.40

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  19. Rust Facts
    • Memory safety
    • No undefined behavior
    • Fearless concurrency
    • High-level language concepts
    • Strong compiler checks
    • Easily embeddable into existing


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  20. What I like about…
    Package manager, Community
    Syntax, Libraries, Async
    Tooling, Documentation, Concurrency
    Speed, no overhead



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  21. What I like about…
    Package manager, Community
    Syntax, Libraries, Async
    Tooling, Documentation, Concurrency
    Speed, no overhead

    Generics, Error handling

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  22. Complexity vs speed
    Faster "Easier"

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  28. https://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2017/10/221326-a-large-scale-study-of-programming-languages-and-code-quality-in-github/fulltext

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  29. wc

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  35. hellö
    wc wc.php
    5 6

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  37. wc.php foo

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  40. File icon created by Justiconnic from the Noun Project

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  43. ... but there's more!
    • How to differentiate between end
    of file and error?
    • Parallel execution for multiple
    • What about very long lines?
    • Buffers for performance
    • Timeouts for slow reads?
    • SIMD?

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  52. • Handles missing files
    • Handles read errors
    • Handles large files
    • UTF-8 support
    • Fast buffered reading
    • No memory leaks

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  57. https://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2017/10/221326-a-large-scale-study-of-programming-languages-and-code-quality-in-github/fulltext

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  58. Rust productivity

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  60. Who’s using Rust anyway?
    Visual Studio Code
    Facebook (kind of)
    Google (kind of)

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  62. Wasm!

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  63. https://endler.dev/2019/tinysearch

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  66. 0
    Go C Rust
    How big is " Hello World " (in KB)?
    40k 1k

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  67. " Serverless "

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  72. Thanks!

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