Everything is Broken (And That's Okay!)

Everything is Broken (And That's Okay!)

Our world is controlled by software. As with everything that is created by humans, software is error-prone. Everyone got annoyed by bugs and UI/UX issues before, but what exactly does "broken" really mean and are there different kinds of brokenness? Let's explore the fun, enthralling, and quirky state of our (digital) world and see what we can do to make it better.

Matthias is a programming dinosaur from Düsseldorf, feeling right at home in the lower levels of the computing stack. In his day job he's working on Web Performance at trivago - but at night, he's vanishing into his Batcave to write emulators and WebAssembly modules for fun and profit. He used to have a YouTube channel called "Hello, Rust!" which he is planning to revive since one year. "It will be back one day", he promises. In the meantime check out his blog at endler.dev or his Twitter @matthiasendler.


Matthias Endler

October 12, 2019