What is Rust doing behind the curtains?

What is Rust doing behind the curtains?

This is an hands-on talk, showing a journey from code with a lot of syntactic sugar to plain, veeery explicit Rust code.

Rust allows for a lot of syntactic sugar, that makes it a pleasure to write. It is sometimes hard, however, to look behind the curtain and see what the compiler is really doing with our code. "It is good to know what these conveniences are, to avoid being mystified by what's going on under the hood... the less magical thinking we have of the world, the better." (Tshepang Lekhonkhobe). In this hands-on talk, we will go from code with a lot of syntactic sugar to extremely verbose Rust code.

We will use a little tool called `cargo-inspect`, which was built for teaching Rust internals. The goal is to make the compiler more approachable to mere mortals.


Matthias Endler

February 03, 2019