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Software Developers Are People Too

Miha Rekar
October 26, 2018

Software Developers Are People Too

A talk I gave at Pivorak Conference in Lviv.

More on it in a blog post:

Miha Rekar

October 26, 2018

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  1. COFFEE • - Instagram pics • - Nicole • -

    Specialty / 3rd wave • - Origin • - Varieties • - Roasting • - How to make at home • - How to make at home if you’re an idiot • - Inspired by blog post
  2. BEGINNING TIPS • Find a coach / club • Technique

    matters • Couch to 5k • Go slow
  3. HUB browse Open a GitHub page in the default browser

    ci-status Show the status of GitHub checks for a commit compare Open a compare page on GitHub create Create this repository on GitHub delete Delete a repository on GitHub fork Make a fork on GitHub and add as remote issue List or create GitHub issues pr List or checkout GitHub pull requests pull-request Open a pull request on GitHub release List or create GitHub releases sync Fetch from upstream and update branches
  4. GIT CHECKOUT › git checkout -b ‘pivorak’ Switched to a

    new branch 'pivorak'
 › git checkout - Switched to branch ‘master’ › git checkout -
 Switched to branch ‘pivorak’
  5. GIT DIFF › git diff Only diffs unstaged changes

    › git diff --cached Diffs staged (but uncommitted) changes
  6. GIT REBASE --INTERACTIVE › git rebase -i master 

    98425d233 Add nice feature f 7f7d6a880 FFFuuuu specs failures # p, pick = use commit # r, reword = use commit, edit commit message # e, edit = use commit, stop for amending # s, squash = use commit, meld into previous # f, fixup = like "squash", but discard message # x, exec = run command # d, drop = remove commit # If you remove a line THAT COMMIT WILL BE LOST
  7. WHEN DID WE BREAK THIS # get it ready ›

    git bisect start › git bisect good c09c728 › git bisect bad e6a0692 # give a command to run against each commit › git bisect run rspec spec/my_broken_spec.rb
  8. It is not what happens to you, but how you

    react to it that matters. Epictetus