Building Data Products at Home: Automating Philips Hue Lights

Building Data Products at Home: Automating Philips Hue Lights

Today’s smart devices come with full fledged API’s driving the proliferation of micro-services as apps. Philips Hue lights are no exception. With the coming of age of open source libraries for data science, building data products at home has become easier than ever. Not only can we automate away repetitive task , we also get to experiment freely in the tools we use; a comfortable way to learn new tricks.

These are the slides of the talk I gave at the 2017 Budapest BI Conference on how I built a small system to control my Philips Hue lights at home, and what I have learned in the process. The brains of the project is written in R, while more general programming tasks such as interfacing with API’s and workflow management are done in Python.


Tamas Szilagyi

November 20, 2017