Net Optics Product Brochure

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October 07, 2011

Net Optics Product Brochure

Net Optics is the global leader in passive monitoring access for security and network management applications. Our innovative family of hardware products enables companies to access and monitor their network using the latest Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Protocol Analyzers, and Network Probes. Our products enable customers to have 24/7 passive network access and 100% visibility without ever introducing a point of failure.



October 07, 2011


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  2. Innovation Our engineering team is dedicated to creating innovative products

    that help our customers achieve Intelligent Access and Monitoring Architecture in new ways, and to continuously develop solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. As network challenges evolve, each new product delivers increased efficiency from network analysis and security monitoring tools. Custom design, rapid turnaround, and compatibility with all major networking, management, and security products ensure seamless solutions for a fast, reliable, and secure network. Leadership Net Optics is dedicated to helping customers obtain the highest efficiency from their networks. Our products help Network IT and security professionals gain 24/7, non-intrusive access for 100 percent monitoring visibility. Organizations gain the ability to intelligently monitor and secure their networks without interruption, using any industry-standard monitoring or security tool they choose. Customer First! Net Optics ensures our customers’ and partners’ success with industry-leading service and support. Customer Service representatives are dedicated to assisting customers and partners with their product needs. Additionally, our Technical Support team routinely partners with customers on a global basis to review their network monitoring objectives and architecture, and to recommend products that match their needs. We are committed to building a lifetime brand through a guaranteed Customer First! experience.
  3. Centralize, Visualize, and Monitor Multiple Devices Achieve a unified, simplified

    view of any number of Net Optics devices from a single screen, with a rich graphical interface. Easily collect traffic statistics and monitor patterns while sampling traffic at unprecedented speed to help resolve issues before they cause congestion. Best-In-Class Data Monitoring Solutions Direct, aggregate, regenerate, switch, and filter high-density networks and volume traffic scaling to 40 Gigabits. Gain exceptional network productivity and value with versatile, scalable solutions that deliver true dynamic load balancing and the highest port density on the market. CONTROL MANAGEMENT ACCESS Proven 100 Percent Plug-and-Play Visibility Without Points of Failure Expand your visibility to 100 percent with groundbreaking Tap technology, completely passive and simple to deploy anywhere in the network. Plus, advanced bypass switching solutions support network security with innovative features such as a “Heartbeat” packet, small footprint, low power consumption, and enterprise-class device management.

    growing pressures in today’s rapidly changing environment. Foremost are the needs to monitor fast- growing numbers of links; to achieve 100 percent visibility across the network; and to keep pace with industry-wide migration toward 10G networks. Demanding applications such as lawful interception and cloud computing put added pressure on monitoring capabilities. More than ever before, customers need to increase their connectivity options, streamline management tasks, and improve device uptime while protecting legacy investments. They seek intelligent, scalable, high-performance monitoring solutions that are simple to deploy and manage; that deliver cost-efficiency and long-term investment value with a practical future path. NET OPTICS RESPONDS WITH POWERFUL, INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS Net Optics is leading the next wave of progress with a growing family of best-in-class solutions that help you access and monitor all traffic at all times and maintain a healthy, secure, and efficient network. Net Optics delivers comprehensive visibility of network data and traffic—even in areas you never thought you could access. Our products reflect deep customer insight plus proven technology expertise. The Net Optics solution suite spans three categories: management, control, and access. Together, these comprise a total, integrated approach to meeting your monitoring and security needs. Switch Switch Switch Switch Router Firewall Switch Switch 10Gbps Director Pro IDS Analyzer 2 Analyzer 1 RMON 1 RMON 2 Forensic Analyzer IDS Firewall Router Switch iTap Port Aggregator Indigo Pro Management Platform Management CONTROL MANAGEMENT ACCESS IPS IPS iBypass HD Switch Switch IPS Switch Switch Switch Router Router
  5. Features benefits Director 7400 (New York) 10 GigaBit iTap (Madrid)

    GigaBit iTap (Kuala Lumpur) 10/100/1000 iTap (Sydney) Director Pro (London) Indigo Pro™ Management Platform Automatic Device Discovery Director 5400 (Mumbai) ON OFF Indigo pro management platform your command center for total access, control and visibility—when every packet counts When you deploy a large number of devices across your network, you need simplified, centralized management for control and visibility. Now, the Indigo Pro™ Management Platform unifies your view of any number of Net Optics devices across distributed locations. This compact 1U appliance centralizes collection of traffic statistics while performing network, fault, and policy management. Indigo Collector Pro’s convenient graphical tools convey the health of your network at a glance as line graphs, pie charts, 3-D bar charts, and more, including a dashboard view. Not only does this innovative solution monitor and visualize—it transforms your devices into remote sensors of traffic conditions. Indigo Pro’s breakthrough ProPush™ technology samples traffic at an unprecedented once per second to let you see and resolve issues before they cause congestion. And you can use any popular browser to access Indigo Pro’s convenient features. Rich graphical data visualization Subnet-organized network topology map Views of snapshot and historical data Audit trail Fault and event management Print and export to CSV files Easy configuration and management of hundreds of devices At-a-glance dashboard views Improved network visibility and security threat management Monitors traffic levels and quality across the network without monitoring tools Centralized access to data from large numbers of devices Quick, simple deployment
  6. features Benefits More stacking options (by daisy-chain, star, and mesh

    topology) increase inter-unit bandwidth ProPush analytics enable microburst detection to maintain availability Graphical User Interface (GUI) lowers the learning curve Basic Indigo Pro integration simplifies manageability Cut-through architecture provides low latency Command Line Interface is available to ease system configuration Port-locking to user accounts enhances security True Timestamping™ using NTP , PTP , and GPS clock Dynamic load balancing based on traffic flows Deep packet inspection (DPI) Latency measurement with nanosecond accuracy Director-like aggregation, regeneration, switching, and L2-L4 filtering Real-time, per-second ProPush™ network analytics with GUI RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication and authorization Director xSTREAM PRO More Power, Less Energy, Maximum Performance, Minimum Latency—24x10G Monitoring Access 24/7 This robust, high-performance solution helps meet the demands of 10G network deployments with their spiraling growth in link numbers and sophistication. Director xStream Pro™ delivers Director Pro‘s key Dynamic Load Balancing and Deep Packet Inspection, plus detailed timestamping and other new features for versatility and ease of use. Director xStream Pro combines the high speed and port count of Director xStream with Director Pro capabilities. Stackable, with hot-swappable, redundant power supplies, it performs aggregation, regeneration, switching, and L2-L4 filtering. It offers 24 SFP+ 10G/1G ports in a 2U form factor—and a new chassis. Switching flexibility enables traffic from any port to be directed to any port. Traffic from any or all ports can be aggregated into a single stream, with each stream regenerated to any or all ports. Any port can be used as network (Span) inputs or monitor outputs. 10Gbps Director xStream Pro Forensic Forensic Forensic Forensic Load Balance Group IDS Analyzer 2 Analyzer 1 IDS 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 1Gbps Tap Port Aggregator 10Gbps HTTP UDP DHCP FTP Management Span
  7. features benefits Director xstReam extremely flexible performance with accelerated 10g

    architecture Purpose-built for high-performance networks, Director xStream™ is a versatile 10 Gigabit monitoring access solution that provides regeneration, aggregation, and smart filtering in a single device. Master your monitoring tasks from a central location with an all-in-one powerhouse that delivers regeneration, aggregation, and smart filtering in a single unit, so you can monitor more network links than ever before as well as lower costs of space, electricity, and cabling. Director xStream relieves overburdened equipment by filtering packets and shuttling traffic swiftly to the optimal device. Even at 100 percent utilization, Director xStream passes all traffic and leverages monitoring tools. (You can split the cable and double your ports, and any port can be input, output—or both.) Plus, Director xStream shrinks 10G multi-functional security- and performance-monitoring access into a 1U form factor. 10G speed, with 1G flexibility and automatic data rate conversion Many-to-many port mapping Connects to Span ports and external Taps (no integrated Taps) Spreads the load to multiple tools with filter-based load balancing 10 Gigabit aggregation, regeneration, matrix switching, and smart filtering Twenty-four 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports in 1U Improves network visibility and threat management Centralizes monitoring to lower operating costs Leverages 1G and 10G monitoring tool investments Improves 10G network visibility and security threat management Relieves oversubscribed tools by filtering Compatible with monitoring tools, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems from all major manufacturers Indigo™ Management IDS Analyzer 2 Analyzer 1 Forensic HTTP UDP DHCP FTP 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps Port Aggregator Director xStream
  8. features benefits Leverages existing monitoring tool investments Improves network visibility

    and security threat management Achieves zero packet loss Relieves oversubscribed tools Centralizes monitoring Greatly simplifies daisy-chaining Director PRO and Director advanced management, Control and Access to critical Data Director Pro™ advances the Director family by adding Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and failover-protected Dynamic Load Balancing for mission-critical services. Plus, Director Pro carries forward Director’s aggregation, regeneration, and switching capabilities. Highly compatible with tools from all major manufacturers, two Director Pros can be stacked to provide unmatched centralized monitoring and dynamic load balancing. Net Optics Director™ offers the industry’s premier solution to optimize your network’s data monitoring capabilities. Director helps you hold down operating expenses and simplify tasks; cost-efficient switching, comprehensive filtering, and centralized management features handle such challenges as threat protection and high-speed inline analysis. Tool-sharing leverages your investments across groups. Plus, even non-expert users can easily monitor and configure filters and port maps using the convenient GUI. Dynamic load balancing, tapping, link aggregation, stream regeneration, matrix switching, and smart filtering—in a single device Deep Packet Inspection with pattern matching Layer 4 through Layer 7 Industry’s highest port density High-speed 10 and 1 Gigabit ports Stack two Director Pro chassis for increased capacity TapFlow™ multi-layer filtering engine ProPush™ traffic statistics for microburst detection IDS Analyzer 2 Analyzer 1 RMON 1 RMON 2 Forensic Switch HTTP UDP DHCP FTP Switch Switch Switch Router Firewall Switch Switch 10Gbps Director Pro
  9. xBalancer Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch IPS

    IPS IPS IPS xBalancer shares a pool of IPSs across multiple independent links. features xBALANCER Automated Balancing act at 240 GBPS xBalancer™ is the first monitoring load balancer designed specifically for distributing network traffic among inline monitoring appliances. This innovative device solves oversubscribed IPSs, firewalls, Web accelerators, and other inline appliances by enabling two or more appliances to be deployed in parallel with traffic balanced between them. A pool of inline appliances can be shared across multiple independent network links. With 24 SFP+ 10G ports in a 1U form-factor, xBalancer supports four inline appliances balanced across eight independent links—or other configurations, such as two independent modules, with each module balancing four appliances across two links; or as six modules, with each balancing two tools across one link. Heartbeat packets monitor attached appliances and reallocate traffic in the event of unavailability. The solution supports 10Gbps fiber and 1Gbps fiber and copper. Twenty-four SFP+ 10G ports in 1U high 19-inch rack space Distributes traffic dynamically across inline appliances Flow-coherent traffic distribution Supports inline and out-of-bounds tool sharing Independent network links can share the same pool of IPSs Heartbeat packets monitor IPS health Benefits Load balance 10/40/100 traffic to 1G and 10G tools Multiplies inline processing capacity for 10G networks Increases tool ROI through higher utilization Improves network uptime by bypassing IPS failures Flexible deployment for both 10G and 1G
  10. benefits features Twenty-four 10G SFP+ ports in 1U Managed solution

    for aggregation, regeneration, and matrix switching at 10G Aggregates 20 links to 4 tools Fully configurable port mapping Monitor and network ports can be used interchangeably Connects to Span ports and external Taps (no integrated Taps) Monitors more 10G links efficiently and securely Increases 10G tool capacity utilization Introduces no point of failure Non-filtering and fully configurable—unique in the market! Eliminates resource contention Front mounted connectors ease installation iLink Agg xstream flexible 10G AGGREGATION FOR HIGH DENSITY NETWORK VISIBILITY iLink Agg xStream™ is an intelligent solution for aggregation, regeneration and matrix switching that provides efficient, line-speed, passive monitoring access to 10 Gigabit network links. The device scans incoming traffic and ensures that no packets are dropped, supporting external inline network Taps and Span ports for 10 Gigabit and 1 Gigabit monitoring tools. iLink Agg xStream provides higher port density than any other 1U form factor link aggregator, combining traffic from up to 20 network links or Span ports and sending it to four monitoring appliances. Now you can apply your existing arsenal of 1G monitoring appliances to your new 10G traffic links. And it populates up to 24 SFP+ ports with 10 Gigabit SFP+ and 1 Gigabit SFP modules—so you pay for only what you need. iLink Agg xStream IDS Analyzer 2 Analyzer 1 RMON 1 RMON 2 Forensic 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps Tap Port Aggregator Traffic Indigo™ Management
  11. features benefits Fully configurable port mapping Supports different media types

    for flexible deployment with 8 SFP monitor ports 16 network ports in Span and inline configurations Delivers dual power for redundancy, hot-swappable, AC and DC models 19-inch rack mount, 1U height Regenerates aggregated traffic to multiple monitoring tools Lowers non-filtering aggregation costs Provides 100 percent traffic visibility at one Gbps—even of malformed packets— without introducing a point of failure Aggregates and switches monitor traffic to see more links Prevents conflicts among groups needing data access Replaces Port and Link Aggregators, and Regeneration Taps, with a managed solution Increases monitoring efficiency and flexibility iLink Agg Streamlined, Versatile Traffic Consolidation for Superior MONITORING PERFORMANCE iLink Agg™ supports fully configurable port mapping and enables aggregation, regeneration, and matrix switching in a single device—which makes iLink Agg a key component in a comprehensive, consolidated infrastructure to manage the performance and security of your network. Any-to-any and many-to-many port mappings are supported, and any port can be used as an input, an output, or both at the same time. As the Industry’s highest port density 1G link aggregator, iLink Agg lets you monitor as many as 16 links or switches at one time with eight monitoring appliances. Remarkably easy to configure, secure, and manage, iLink Agg lets you populate only ports you need to control capital expenses—or provision extra ports for uptime and port availability. Because iLink Agg has no IP address, it is immune to viruses or other attacks. The scan rate is optimized to avoid dropped packets, as long as the sum of network port data rates stays under 1 Gbps. iLink Agg RMON Analyzer Forensic IDS Workgroup Workgroup Switch Switch
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  13. Passive, secure technology Easy installation and operation with front-mounted connectors

    Fail-safe monitoring with any Gigabit inline appliance Increased reliability for important network links Compatible with all major manufacturers, IPSs, and firewalls Easy remote management through secure SSH connection features BENEFITS iBypass HD Modular, Flexible, Fail-over Bypass Switches with High Availability Capabilities Ideal for inline network security applications such as intrusion prevention, Web optimization, and firewalls, Net Optics iBypass HD™ supports two to eight segments, with each segment operating independently to ensure link protection. Connect, maintain, and remove single- segment and multi-segment IPS appliances without affecting traffic through the links or the operation of the other segments. High-availability configurations let you link pairs of bypass switches to support both tool and link redundancy. Rely on the exclusive Link Fault Detect, Bypass Detect, and Heartbeat features to support your network availability. Configurable Heartbeat packets are sent from the iBypass HD switch through the IPS in both directions to monitor the health of the IPS. When a fault condition is detected, the IPS loses power or is redeployed, or IPS software malfunctions, traffic is automatically routed using FastPath™ switching technology directly through the iBypass HD switch rather than through the inline appliance, keeping the network traffic flowing. Eight segments protected in a 1U appliance Modular design for deployment flexibility Customizable behavior through Command Line Interface (CLI) RMON traffic statistics on all ports High availability configurations Enterprise-ready management features (TACACS+, RADIUS) IPS IPS iBypass HD Switch Switch IPS Switch Switch Switch Router Router High availability con gurations enable the iBypass HD to support environments that use tool redundancy and link redundancy. Tool redundant (top left), non-redundant (top right) and link redundant (bottom) IPS deployments are shown.
  14. Management ON OFF IPS iBypass Switch Switch Firewall Switch features

    BENEFITS iBypass AND BYPASS Switches Fail-Safe Access Ports for zero downtime in Monitoring vital network traffic The Net Optics family of iBypass™ Switches offers you trouble-free access ports to support your inline network security and monitoring devices. Because the switch is a passive appliance, link traffic continues to flow even if the switch itself loses power. A “Heartbeat” packet ensures that a monitoring appliance is actually passing traffic: If this packet doesn’t return to the bypass switch, that appliance may be down. The switch instantly goes into bypass mode and takes that appliance out of the traffic path. When Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs), firewalls, and other vital security equipment lose power or need maintenance, Net Optics Bypass Switches ensure that traffic continues to flow uninterrupted on the affected network link. A Bypass Switch can automatically switch network traffic around an unresponsive IPS appliance—even if the IPS is still powered on. Once the IPS re-establishes a connection, traffic is re-routed to the device for continued operation. Protects the network from IPS link, application, and power outages Provides greater compatibility with all network devices Enables maximum network uptime Maintains monitoring appliances without downtime because the bypass switch enables network traffic to flow when appliances are offline Ensures alerts if monitoring devices are offline or slow to respond Enhances monitoring security with no IP address needed on network and monitor ports Trouble-free access port for inline network security and WAN optimization tools Bypass Switch with Heartbeat adds automated link fail-open protection Remote access through 10/100/1000 management port Support for 10Mbps to 10Gbps connectivity and managed models Redundant power User-configurable Heartbeat packets
  15. features features Gig Zero Delay TAP AND Network Taps A

    COMPREHENSIVE FAMILY OF TAPS—INCLUDING GIG ZERO DELAY TAPS™ when delays are not an option Gig Zero Delay Tap is the industry’s only 10/100/1000BaseT Tap with true zero-delay operation to prevent network disruptions. Breakthrough engineering ensures that any loss of power to the Tap is transparent to the network, and does not affect flow of traffic through the Tap, eliminating packet delay and loss. Regardless of interface or location in the network, Net Optics offers a Tap solution, with copper, multimode and singlemode fiber supported at speeds up to 40 Gbps with media conversion models available. The Net Optics family of Taps provides 100 percent visibility into customers’ networks. Installed between any two network devices, Taps provide permanent, passive access points into the network. When a monitoring tool is needed, simply connect the device to the Tap instead of taking down the link and interrupting traffic. Even if Taps lose power, they are completely passive, with fail-open technology that ensures traffic continuity. Taps pass all network traffic—including Layers 1 and 2 errors—without introducing bottlenecks or points of failure. Inline link failover protection Access-ready connectivity Passive access at 10Mbps to 40Gbps without data stream interference Zero Delay failover on power loss of 10/100 and 10/100/1000 models Redundant power supplies Multiple split ratios available for fiber models Full-duplex monitoring with zero impact on network traffic around the clock 100 percent visibility to link traffic for security and network monitoring tools Plug-and-play—no configuration required Media conversion—‘single device’ solutions such as TX to SX Permanent access port that avoids breaking a line when a tool is connected Passive technology enabling maximum network uptime features BENEFITS Analyzer Zero Delay Zero Delay Firewall Switch Switch
  16. features BENEFITS iTap technology and Port aggregation Aggregation and information

    provides greater monitoring and access flexibility Innovative iTap™ technology transforms Taps into passive network status sensors that forward vital information from throughout the network. iTap products gather and display utilization peaks, bandwidth levels, and error counts, even when a monitoring tool is not attached. In addition to a standard CLI, SNMP manageability delivers information to Web browsers and SNMP management utilities. SNMP control enhances security because it adds the ability to enable or disable ports from remote locations. In addition to standard network and monitor ports, each iTap-enabled product contains a 100 Mbps network management port and a DB9 serial port for management access. iTap technology is available for Bypass Switches, Port Aggregator Taps, and other managed devices. Complements RMON probes and analyzers; helps pinpoint where needed Increases network visibility—view statistics at a glance Improves accessibility—remote access and configuration control Enables transparent sharing of link information between IT groups Easy-to-read utilization and statistics reports Reduces network outages through proactive monitoring Easy-to-read front panel display for simplified troubleshooting Threshold LED alarms SNMP trap reporting Management Information Base (MIB) available Secure login access Utilization statistics Management Analyzer IDS Firewall Router Switch iTap Port Aggregator TM
  17. features BENEFITS regeneration taps Passive, Real-Time Regeneration Tap Technology for

    Simultaneous Traffic Monitoring on Important Links Regeneration Taps™ provide visibility into one network link with up to eight attached security or monitoring tools. All traffic between network devices is transparently forwarded at 100 percent full-duplex rates without introducing a point of failure—even in the event of a loss of power. Multiple monitoring tools such as traffic analysis monitors, RMON probes, and intrusion detection systems connected to the Regeneration Tap allow for deep levels of analysis from a single 1U-high device. Inline and Span Port versions provide the ability to deploy monitoring tools in two scenarios. Depending on your needs, the inline or Span models make it possible to collect traffic from multiple network switches or routers that are utilizing Span ports, or they can be deployed inline between two network devices for deeper traffic capture and analysis. All leading security and monitoring tools and a wide variety of media and speeds from 10/100Mbps to 10Gbps fiber are supported. Passive access at 10Mbps to 10Gbps without data stream interference Optimized for each specific topology Span models monitor two separate Span sessions independently Replicates link traffic to multiple tools 100 percent passive traffic access All speeds and media types supported View 100 percent of traffic—including VoIP , HTML, application, and Layer 1 and 2 errors 2, 4, or 8 monitor ports enable comprehensive troubleshooting Enables sharing traffic access among groups without conflicts Use multiple monitoring tools simultaneously Simplified plug n’ play deployment with no device management needed Media conversion—‘single device’ network-to-monitor-tool interfaces Cost-effective—increases monitoring tool ROI because they are always deployed RMON Analyzer Forensic IDS Switch Switch Firewall Regeneration Tap
  18. NET OPTICS Monitoring Access Platform (MAP) Net Optics provides a

    full network monitoring access platform. With five families of products, including taps, bypass switches, port and link aggregators, regeneration taps, and data monitoring and network controller switches, we are a one-stop-solution—able to fully meet the network access monitoring needs of customers. Meet the challenge of managing large monitoring deployments with network management solutions tailored for centralized management of Net Optics devices. Zero Delay iLink Agg xStream™ Forensic Analyzer RMON Gig Zero Delay Director Pro™ IDS VoIP Dashboard Device Statistics
  19. ON OFF IDS Analyzer RMON iBypass™ Switch Regeneration Tap™ indigo

    Pro™ Collector Pro™ Manager Pro™ iTap™ IPS IPS IPS IPS IDS Internet Cloud Analyzer Forensic Director xStream Pro™ xBalancer™ Forensic Analyzer RMON
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    c . 5 3 0 3 B e t s y Ro s s D r i v e S an t a C l ar a, C A 95 05 4 (4 0 8) 737-7 7 7 7 t w i t t e r.c o m/n e t o p t i c s w w w. n e t o p t i c s .c o m Net Optics is a registered trademark, and Director xStream Pro, Director xStream, Smart Filtering, Director, Director Pro, iBypass, iBypass HD, iLink Agg, iLink Agg xStream, Indigo Pro, ProPush, iTap, Regeneration Tap, xBalancer, Zero Delay and xSwitch are trademarks of Net Optics, Inc. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual companies and are respectfully acknowledged. Copyright 1996-2010 Net Optics, Inc. All rights reserved.