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OSSDC 2012: Thinking Beyond the Code

June 21, 2012

OSSDC 2012: Thinking Beyond the Code

Inclusive Communities for Government & Open Source Software. Presented by Deborah Bryant.


June 21, 2012

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  1. Thinking Beyond the Code Inclusive Communities for Government & Open

    Source Software Deborah Bryant June 21, 2012 Open Source Summit Thursday, June 21, 12
  2. Government is a bit of a special case. art credit:

    Brian Mollenkopf Thursday, June 21, 12
  3. The adaptation of the model for government is work in

    process. • The open source collaboration model is still primary based on the notion of scratching your own itch. (Think Apache and Linux) • Less work has been done on a models that include subject matter experts (who are not also writing the code themselves) esp. within government. • Government is awash in shareable technology more relevance to fulfilling its mission, than providing highly technical infrastructure. to Thursday, June 21, 12
  4. Think past the code. • Solving the complexity of today’s

    problems requires the collaboration of people who may not naturally work together • In government, this includes turning disruptive technology and new models in to a sound, defensible strategy. Thursday, June 21, 12
  5. Military Open Source Working Group a community of civilian and

    military open source software and hardware developers as well as subject matter experts across the US. Thursday, June 21, 12
  6. Challenges for Agencies • a propensity for finding it more

    interesting to give, than to receive • gov 2.0 bling shiny object distraction • rock star behavior • a love of technology and a dread of documentation (= process and policy in government) Thursday, June 21, 12
  7. Predictions • Government will continue iterating until we get it

    right. • Continue to move the Community up the Stack • The most open initiatives will develop diverse ecosystems and vital communities. Thursday, June 21, 12
  8. Why Not... • Join a community before trying to start

    one • Build a community that includes your practitioners. • Create a Community of Practice for personnel and others creating and refining agency policies for open source • NASA, VA, CFPB, DoD, HHS, DHS • Embrace technology, but love the benefits more. Thursday, June 21, 12
  9. 2011 NASA Open Source Summit - KeyTake-Away is also good

    community advice. • Use a standard OSI approved license. • Allows for greater participation. • Bigger community. • More diverse ecosystem. • Plus Bonus Points for Sustainability. Thursday, June 21, 12
  10. Innovation Reference Models • MIL-OSS for openness and knowledge sharing

    • NASA world wind for setting the community free. • HHS Connect for lessons learned on moving a federal project to include the private industry. • VA Vista for moving a legacy project outside the agency Thursday, June 21, 12