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Awesome Community Chefs - 2017

Awesome Community Chefs - 2017

Each year the Chef Community recognizes a few people as Awesome Community Chefs. The awards are presented during ChefConf. This deck lists all previous winners and the winners for 2017.

Nathen Harvey

May 24, 2017

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  1. ANNIE HEDGPETH “Annie is so inspiring… championing InSpec as a

    way to build empathy between security and operations.” “She’s honest, humble, and infectiously enthusiastic… a fantastic role model.”
  2. BEN DANG Ben has been in the community seemingly since

    the day Habitat was launched. He's always present in Slack and is always a pleasure to chat with. He is not only helpful and friendly to new adopters but he works with the core team to identify and fix bugs, weighs in on features, and is in general a great person to have around and recently volunteered to join the Habitat Community Organizer Team
  3. SEAN O'MEARA Sean figured out how to do professional cookbook

    development, and then did an incredible job of teaching all of us how to do it too. A maintainer of community cookbooks and explorer of new development patterns, his style is seen in many cookbooks.
  4. NELL SHAMRELL- HARRINGTON Nell is welcoming to all and shares

    her enthusiasm and skills with everyone who needs it. In addition to her work on making Supermarket a delight, Nell has also been a major contributor to the latest Habitat releases.