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DevOp with Me!

DevOp with Me!

Let's DevOp! Give developers root access and a pager. Get rid of QA. Rename your Operations team the "DevOps" team. Now we're devopin'!

Ignite talk from DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013.


Nathen Harvey

June 21, 2013


  1. @nathenharvey DevOp with Me! • I f*%$ing hate DevOps! •

    Which DevOps tool should we use? • A job title at your company includes: • DevOps Engineer • DevOps Lead • Your company has a “DevOps Team”
  2. @nathenharvey

  3. @nathenharvey Operations QA Dev Product Management

  4. @nathenharvey DevOps QA Dev Product Management $ sudo

    su -
  5. @nathenharvey DevOps QA Dev Product Management $ sudo

    su -
  6. @nathenharvey

  7. @nathenharvey DevOps is not... • A new name for •

    System Administration • Operations • Release Engineering • Site Reliability Engineering • A tool • A team
  8. @nathenharvey What is DevOps? • Cultural and professional movement •

    Development and Operations working together toward a common goal • Leveraging ideas & processes from other industries • Enabling things like continuous delivery
  9. @nathenharvey The Back Office Becomes The Front Office “In ten

    years, I’m certain every COO worth their salt will have come from IT. Any COO who doesn’t intimately understand the IT systems that actually run the business is just an empty suit, relying on someone else to do their job.” Kim, Gene; Behr, Kevin; Spafford, George (2013-01-10). The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win (Kindle Location 5802). IT Revolution Press. Kindle Edition
  10. DevOps is About CAMS • Culture • Automation • Measurement

    • Sharing Willis, John (2010-07-16)
  11. What is a “DevOps” Culture? • Open Communication • Incentive

    and Responsibility Alignment • Respect • Trust Walls, Mandi (April, 2013). Building a DevOps Culture. O’Reilly
  12. @nathenharvey CAMS • Culture • Automation • Use tools to

    reflect and reinforce the cultural goals you’re striving for • Measurement • Data > Opinion • Sharing • within an organization • with other organizations
  13. @nathenharvey Walk This Way The 80s: The Decade That Made

  14. @nathenharvey Walk This Way • “Oh, hell no! This is

    hillbilly gibberish” • “I don’t understand this code” • “What the hell are they doing to our song?” • “It works fine on my machine”
  15. @nathenharvey Bring The Noise