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Quit Your Job!

Quit Your Job!

Ignite talk from DevOpsDays NYC

Nathen Harvey

January 17, 2013

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  1. Level-up Your Skills

  2. Technology Generalist

  3. Quit Your Job!

  4. What About the Children?

  5. Conferences • Take a day or three off • Hear

    the echo of new voices and ideas
  6. Podcasts

  7. Blogs & Twitter

  8. Meet Ups

  9. Road Trip

  10. Engineer Exchange

  11. Pick a Safe Project

  12. Go to a different type of company

  13. Will They Come Back?

  14. Why not just be a consultant?

  15. Always Be Interviewing

  16. You are responsible... • For your learning • For your

    development • For your career • For your teammates • For lots of important things
  17. ...but you’re not alone • Find a mentor • Lean

    on your peers • Mentor someone • Give back
  18. A Key Component of DevOps is BS • Bilateral Sharing

  19. Quit Your Job! • It’ll be OK • Be active

    in the community • Step out of the echo chamber • Step out of your comfort zone
  20. Thanks! • @nathenharvey • I’m not quitting my job today

    but maybe you should • Would love to interview you for the Food Fight Show