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React for Poets

React for Poets

A very high level look at React

Nathan Hunzaker

April 09, 2015

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  1. Compo(sition,nents) "React is all about building reusable components. In fact,

    with React the only thing you do is build components." - facebook.github.io/react
  2. Define Interface Change Data • Each change updates the user

    interface • Data only goes in one direction (down)
  3. • Web applications • Pages with frequent UI updates •

    Things the browser can't do on its own JS apps are great for:
  4. • Responsive page loads • More strategies for handling failure

    (not just blank screens) With server side rendering:
  5. • Designed for low memory devices • Hyper efficient page

    updates • Stress tested on millions of devices on sites such as facebook.com, airbnb.com, and bbc.com
  6. • Sites with only few interactions • Simple content oriented

    sites • Handoff projects where the maintainer is not familiar with JavaScript development • Server-side rendering requires NodeJS expertise React is not ideal for: