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High Gothic Art

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April 20, 2013

High Gothic Art



April 20, 2013


  1. High  Gothic  Art  in  France   Reading:   Stokstad,  505-­‐514.

        Range:   1100-­‐1300   High  Gothic     Key  Terms/Concepts:   hemicycle,  tympanum,   jamb,    reliquary,  marginalia,   S-­‐Curve,  fleur-­‐de-­‐lis.   Monument  List:    17-­‐11,  Rose  Window  and   Lancets,  Chartres   Cathedral,  Gothic,   1230-­‐1235.    17-­‐14,  AnnunciaLon  and   VisitaLon,  Jambs,  West   Portal,  Reims  Cathedral,   1230-­‐1250.    17-­‐19,  Upper  Chapel  Ste.   Chapelle,  Paris,  Gothic,   1239-­‐1248.  
  2. Reminders   •  Your  Image  and  Text  essay  is  due

     TODAY  May   2nd.     •  The  final  exam  is  Tuesday  May  14th  8:00-­‐10:00   in  Starz  12.  
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  5. Rose  Window   Lancets  

  6. Melchizedek   David   Anna   Solomon   Aaron  

  7. Castles  =  CasLle   Fleur-­‐de-­‐Lis  =  France  

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  9. “Invisible  Art”  

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  36. 30˚ 20˚ 10˚ 0˚ Cu Cu Cu Cu Cu Pb

    Pb Sn Sn Venice Verona Assisi Rome Vienna Buda Innsbruck Prague Geneva Paris Rouen Arras Reims Espalato Durazzo Zara Trieste Belgrade Alexandria Damietta Famagusta Antioch Constantinople Smyrna Candia Kaffa Trebizond Moncastro Kiliya Syracuse Tripoli Messina Palermo Tunis Algiers Granada Palma Cádiz Córdoba Seville Melilla Lisbon Southampton London Hull Mainz Worms Hamburg Bremen Cracow Breslau Danzig Kiev Novgorod Christiania Bergen Stockholm Nuremburg Lübeck Edinburgh Bruges Genoa Siena Marseille Cagliari Lyon Dijon Poitiers Aigues- Mortes Valencia Barcelona León Milan Tripoli Beirut Acre Jaffa Loire Ebro Tagus Danube Dneiper Rhine Elbe Seine L A N T I C C E A N N O R T H S E A BA L T I C S E A B L A C K S E A M E D I T E R R A N E A N S E A PYRENEES CARPATHIAN MTS A L P S CYPRUS CORSICA CRETE SARDINIA SICILY BALEARIC IS F R I C A E G Y P T 0 0 300 miles 400 kms raw materials: gold silver iron copper lead tin ivory timber wax gems silk spices hides wool linen furs Cu Pb Sn 2 Trade and Transmission Venetian trade routes Genoese trade routes Hanseatic League trade routes major inland trade routes route of Fourth Crusade, 1202-04 Fifth Crusade, 1217-21 Seventh Crusade, 1248-54 Eighth Crusade, 1270 artistic influence from Paris artistic influence from Constantinople imported goods Louis’  Procession  
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  45. Fleur-­‐de-­‐lis   Castle  =  CasLle  

  46. Fleur-­‐de-­‐lis  

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  49. CriLcal  Thinking  QuesLons   1.  What  is  the  relaLonship  between

     the  viewer   and  the  divine  in  Gothic  Europe?    How  is  that   relaLonship  show  in  Gothic  art?   2.  How  did  the  relaLonship  between  the  royalty   and  the  church  change  during  the  12th-­‐14th   centuries?   3.  What  is  secularizaLon?    What  social  and  cultural   changes  make  secularizaLon  possible?    How  is   that  reflected  in  Gothic  images?