Seattle VMUG UserCon 2016 - Cloud Native Dev What?

Seattle VMUG UserCon 2016 - Cloud Native Dev What?

Seattle VMUG UserCOn 2016. Morning keynote presentation by Nick Marshall on Cloud Native Applications and DevOps.


Nick Marshall

April 12, 2016


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    WHO IS THIS GUY? Nick Marshall –Author: Mastering vSphere –Blog: –Twitter: @NickMarshall9 –Community: AutoLab, vBrownBag
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    “NEW” TYPES OF ISOLATION Hardware Hypervisor OS OS OS OS

    App A App A App B App C Hardware Hypervisor App A App A App B App C Container Engine App C App C App C VM Container
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    CONTAINERS Hardware Hypervisor App A App A App B App

    C Container Engine App C App C App C Container
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    MICRO-SERVICES Web Server x3 Database x3 Load Balancer Session Store

    Provisioning Authentication Licensing Content API . . .
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    INCREASED COMPLEXITY Capacity Security Authentication DR Load Balancing Cluster Settings

    Database Configuration Key Management Certificates Environment
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    INFRASTRUCTURE AS CODE Just a bunch of scripts? Just some

    automation? Just some orchestration? Nope - you want infrastructure as code!
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    TRADITIONAL FLAVORS OF IT Type A - Look how many

    IOPS it can do! Type B - Linux / Windows FOREVER! Type C - Just show me the code!
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    TYPE A - INFRA OPS You love the rack and

    stack You love the pretty lights You love the noise of a datacenter
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    TYPE B - TENANT OPS You tune that app for

    peak performance You deploy OSs in your sleep You dream about optimizing SQL queries You replace people with small shell scripts
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    TYPE C - DEVELOPERS You code, therefore you are You

    know there is always a better algorithm You program your way out of problems
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    NEW TYPE OF OPERATING MODEL SOLUTION - DevOps! Designing processes

    and tools for coordinating software development teams with IT operations teams. PROBLEM - The tools our developers use are different than the tools our ops use. When one team gets in trouble, they can’t help each other.
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    NO DEV FOR YOU Eventually, everything changes We don’t have

    internal development I don’t want to code
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    TAKE-AWAYS Software is eating the world… Get to know SDN

    and SDS Educate yourself on CLIs and APIs Go higher up the stack but we can survive the apocalypse!