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[T3DD19] Part 1 - Essential Solutions for TYPO3 Productivity

[T3DD19] Part 1 - Essential Solutions for TYPO3 Productivity

Talk at TYPO3 Developer Days 2019


Sanjay Chauhan

August 02, 2019

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  1. [Part 1] Essential Solutions for TYPO3 Productivity by Sanjay Chauhan

    at T3DD19 sanjay_nitsan
  2. TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report What are essentials TYPO3 solutions? Better

    TYPO3 Theming: Concept of Parent and Child Theme Secure Your TYPO3 Site TYPO3 Composer Generator
  3. Sanjay Chauhan Co-Founder and CTO at NITSAN Technologies ★ Member

    of TYPO3 Association Content Team ★ Member of TYPO3.org Team ★ Managing iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group ★ Love Travelling, Reading and Playing Cricket ★ Member of TYPO3 Dashboard Initiative
  4. NITSAN Technologies Dedicated TYPO3 Agency since 2011

  5. Composer Generator Quick composer generator for your TYPO3 extension

  6. Introduce: ns_typo3_composer_generator

  7. Features: ns_typo3_composer_generator Avoid Manual Composer.json Don’t do manual JSON format

    Write default TYPO3 configuration Automatically get dependencies One-click prepare Download sample
  8. Option 1. Upload your ext_emconf.php

  9. Option 2: Create for new Extension

  10. Option 3: Download Sample

  11. Demo and Support Try Demo https://typo3-store.nitsan.in/demo/typo3/ns_typo3_composer_generator/ Feedback/Support https://github.com/nitsan-technologies/ns_typo3_composer_generator/

  12. Secure Your TYPO3 Site How to secure your TYPO3 sites

    from hacking attempts?
  13. Current scenario of web security 1 million new malwares releases

    every day 40,000 sites are hacked every day 86% sites contains at least one serious vulnerability $500 billion cost of cyber-crime to the global community 33% shoppers hesitate to shop because lack of trust in site
  14. TYPO3: The leading most secure CMS TYPO3 is hacked only

    seldom sucuri.net
  15. Modal of an Ideal Secure Server Architecture

  16. Thanks to Helmut Hummel github.com/helhum/typo3-secure-web Do you know? TYPO3.org project

    is secured with this package typo3-secure-web
  17. TYPO3 System: Requirement and Conflict

  18. Step-by-step guide to install & configure

  19. Configure TYPO3-Secure-Web

  20. Root Folder Structure Point your site to public folder No

    one will have access of your private folder
  21. Only access of Assets at “Extension” Only access of Assets

    at “Core”
  22. TYPO3 Compatibility Productive analysis for your next TYPO3 upgrade projects

  23. Technical Analysis Check... Example TYPO3 Core Breaking changes and Deprecations

    Extension Compatibility Custom developed extension Technical Implementation Old-school templating method Server Architecture PHP version compatibility
  24. Fact For TYPO3 Update “TYPO3 Core upgrade always Rocks, it’s

    only the Extension’s compatibility that cause Problems.”
  25. Introduce: ns_ext_compatibility

  26. Features: ns_ext_compatibility Extension Compatibility Notify New Version via Email Compatible

    with T3 4 to 8 Export / Download Report System Overview Report Server Compatibility Report
  27. System Information

  28. Statistics

  29. Server Compatibility Report

  30. Extensions Compatibility Report

  31. Download Report

  32. Email Notification

  33. Do you want free help & support from us? ❏

    Template for SLA (Service Level Agreement) ❏ Template for RFP (Request For Proposal) ❏ Support on EXT:ns_ext_compatibility ❏ Proposal for any TYPO3 upgrade projects Connect with us at info@nitsan.in
  34. TYPO3 Parent & Child Theme Better TYPO3 templating/theming using TYPO3

  35. What’s most important? Follow TYPO3 Core Standards Save Energy and

    Time Hesitate-free TYPO3 Upgrade
  36. What is concept of Parent/Child theme? ❏ Parent theme includes

    global configuration • Use in all the projects • TypoScript constant & setup • Global configuration to easily create custom elements • Useful TYPO3 extensions ❏ Child theme includes custom configuration • Use in particular project • TypoScript constant & setup • Custom content elements • Useful TYPO3 extensions
  37. Introduce EXT:ns_basetheme Common PHP/TS/YAML Config Default TYPO3 Template Create Automatic

    Page Tree Pre-configured News, Form, URL Smart Custom Element T3.core Setup Lints for Code Review
  38. Advantages Common Templating Standards Code Redundancy One T3.Upgrade for all

    Projects Easy to Maintain Pre-configured Templates Faster Development
  39. Base theme: Default Template

  40. Base theme: Structure

  41. Child theme: Sample

  42. Initiate child theme with EXT:ns_theme_*

  43. Include base & child theme TypoScript

  44. Long-way for Custom Content Element ❏ Initiate CType Definition (with

    tt_content_defValues.CType) ❏ Add CType at PageTS Config (with mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems.extra) ❏ Prepare TypoScript (with elementname = FLUIDTEMPLATE) ❏ Add into TypoScript Setup (with tt_content.elementname) ❏ Register Icon (with IconRegistry::class) ❏ Setup /Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php (with addTcaSelectItem) ❏ Prepare backend configuration with Flexform (with tt_content_defValues.CType) ❏ Render through your Fluid Template
  45. Step 1: Create ns_*.xml at /Configuration/Flexform/

  46. Step 2: Create ns_*.html at /Resources/Private/

  47. Done!

  48. Wait.. Do you want cool backend preview?

  49. Step 3: Create Ns*.html at /Resources/Private/Backend/

  50. One upgrade for all TYPO3 projects

  51. Dreaming.. for Standard TYPO3 Theme Manager

  52. Explore More Parent and Child Theme composer require nitsan/ns-basetheme gitlab.com/sanjay_nitsan/ns_basetheme

    composer require nitsan/ns-theme-cleanblog gitlab.com/sanjay_nitsan/ns_theme_cleanblog
  53. Any Questions?

  54. Thank you! Let’s keep in touch :) www.nitsan.in sanjay@nitsan.in sanjay.nitsan

    sanjay-nitsan sanjay.nitsan