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HTML5, are we there yet?

HTML5, are we there yet?

HTML5 has been touted as the next wave in web apps, mobile and even desktop apps now with Windows 8. This talk will cover what HTML5 really is, why should you care and go over practical approaches to using it now in a cross platform and future compatible way.

Ovidiu Dimulescu

October 06, 2012

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  1. HTML5, are we there yet? Jacksonvile Code Camp, 2012 Ovidiu

    Dimulescu @odimulescu speakerdeck.com/odimulescu
  2. • What is HTML5 ? • Features • Polyfills and

    shims • Status • Resources • Questions ? Agenda
  3. About @odimulescu • Working on the Web since 1997 •

    • Organizer for JaxMUG.com • Co-Organizer for Jax Big Data meetup
  4. • W3C, WHATWG • HTML, DHTML, XHTML, Quirks mode •

    JSON, AJAX, Web Forms, Web Sockets, Web Workers • Navigation History State, CORS • DOM (Style, Events, HTML) • CSS, Media Queries, Web Fonts • Canvas, SVG, Audio, Video, WebGL • Local Storage, Offline Apps • HTML5 App, Single Page app HTML5- What is it?
  5. An evolution of HTML4 • New DOM elements • New

    JavaScript APIs HTML5 is a “brand” • CSS3 • Additional Rich APIs • Umbrella term for cool web things HTML5 - What is it?
  6. HTML5 - Semantic Tags Browser Support Modern Browser, IE9 +

    Problems with unknown tags 1. Default style inline + Styles not applied (oldIE) 2. DOM incorrect (oldIE) Workarounds 1. header, footer, nav, section { display: block} 2. <script>document.createElement("article");</script> code.google.com/p/html5shim/
  7. HTML5 - Forms New Input Types tel, url, email, number,

    range, color, search, datetime, date, month, week, time, datetime-local New Form and Input Type Attributes placeholder, required, autofocus, autocomplete, pattern, step, list, min, max, range, accept, multiple New Elements progress, meter, datalist, output
  8. HTML5 - Forms “Roaming” Form elements • Can be outside

    of form elements • Can belong to multiple forms Validation Pseudo selectors :invalid and :required * Constraint Validation API checkValidity, setCustomValidity, willValidate DOM-less Form Submissions FormData -> XMLHttpRequest.send()
  9. HTML5 - Offline applications Advantages • UX - Offline usage

    • UX - Speed • Server - Reduced load Caveats • No love from IE < 10 • Size limitation 5MB (iOS 6 is up to 25MB) • Server side add text/cache-manifest mime-type Reference • Extension is not important but mime-type is • Absolute (same origin) and relative URI • Cached as a regular HTTP resource headers*
  10. HTML5 - Offline Apps - Manifest • CACHE MANIFEST is

    a required first line • CACHE section is implicit, default behavior • Syntax checking *very* strict. Any error aborts caching • If any resources fails loading aborts cache update • CACHE does not support wildcards. Explicit path needed • A page referencing a manifest file is implicitly cached • Relative URIs are relative to the cache manifest's URI See appcachefacts.info for various quirks
  11. HTML5 - Web Storage Old Way Cookies, Flash, Silverlight, AIR,

    userData in IE, Google Gears New Way • Isolation per sub-domain and per protocol. Does not expire until cleared • 5MB limit. Values are Strings. Webkit stores UTF-16 -> 2.5MB effective storage • No mechanism when quota is exceeded to prompt the user • Prompts the user first time for permission to store data • Well supported: IE8+. Use history.js shim for older browsers
  12. HTML5 - Geolocation Geo location detection Global Positioning System (GPS)

    Inferred: IP address, MAC, Cellphone IDs, etc. User Input Required Attributes latitude, longitude and accuracy are guaranteed in supporting browsers Other attributes will just return null if the information cannot be provided Browser Support IE9+, Modern Browser Privacy Concerns User agent has to explicitly ask for user permission to obtain location Recipients must disclose the data usage: How long the location data is stored? Is it shared with other sites/partners? Can the location data be updated or deleted by the end user?
  13. HTML5 - Canvas Old Way • Using plugins such as

    Flash, Silverlight, JavaFX, SVG, VML • VML (Vector Markup Language) only works in IE • SVG, IE support since 9+ New Way • <canvas> element, lacks border and content by default • JavaScript 2D API Browser Support IE9+, Modern Browser Older IEs - use explorercanvas.js (emulates Canvas via VML) WebGL 3D API - Full support in Chrome only
  14. HTML5 - Canvas Markup Operations Context, Transformation, Pixel Manipulation, Compositing,

    Image Drawing, Text, Path, Rectangles, Colors, Shadows, Styles Scripting http://www.nihilogic.dk/labs/canvas_sheet/HTML5_Canvas_Cheat_Sheet.png
  15. HTML5 - Canvas | SVG Coolness www.chromeweblab.com Canvas developer.mozilla.org/en-US/demos/tag/tech:canvas threejs.org

    (webgl) hakim.se/experiments SVG raphaeljs.com d3js.org paperjs.org/about Canvas or SVG www.sitepoint.com/how-to-choose-between-canvas-and-svg
  16. HTML5 - Media Elements Audio & Video tags • Modern

    Browser, IE9+ • Codecs support not uniform • Polyfill - audio.js, videojs.com • Audio Codecs: Ogg, Mp3, Wav, Aac • Video Codecs: H.264 (mp4), Ogg (ogv), VP8 (webm) <source> multiple occurrences allowed <track> caption tracks. not implemented yet <embed> external plugins
  17. Audience Old IEs and modern browser Solutions • Modernizr -

    Normalized feature detector • html5shim • FlashCanvas, JebGL, GCF, socket.io, css3pie, amplifyjs • GCF - Google Chrome Frame Caveats Not everything can be detected Performance (jsPerf.com, yepnope.js) HTML5 - Polyfills, shims
  18. diveintohtml5.info | modernizr.com | iewebgl.com | videojs.com caniuse.com | html5test.com

    | mobilehtml5.org | quirksmode.org html5rocks.com | http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2011/11/18/ html5-semantics/ html5demos.com html5doctor.com html5boilerplate.com developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/HTML/HTML5 craftyjs.com www.cuttherope.ie/dev/ www.infoq.com/presentations/Angry-Birds-on-HTML5 ishtml5readyyet.com HTML5 - Resources