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Git for Windows

Git for Windows

Not sure if Git is for you and whether it plays nice on Windows? We will demystify the internals and operations flow while covering Windows specific integration. Free options like Git Extensions, TortoiseGit, Command Line, GitHub for Windows and Visual Studio Tools for Git are in as well.

Not lucky to have Git as reference repository? You're still in luck. Projects like git-tfs, git-tf and git-svn allow you to work with TFS and Subversion repositories as if they were Git repositories.

Ovidiu Dimulescu

March 16, 2013

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  1. • SCMs Evolution • Benefits • Storage Model • Repositories

    Layout • Operations Flow • Setup • Questions? Agenda
  2. About @odimulescu • Working on the Web since 1997 •

    • Organizer for JaxMUG.com • Co-Organizer for Jax Big Data meetup
  3. 1st Generation - RCS, SCCS • Single file-based operations •

    Local only 2nd Generation – CVS, SVN, TFS • Multi-file based operations • Centralized client / server architecture • Merge before commit 3rd Generation – Git, Hg, Bzr, Arch • Multi-file based operations • Decentralized / Distributed architecture • Commit before merge SCMs Evolution
  4. • Tendency towards more concurrency • DVCS get most of

    the buzz and innovation Open Source: Git, Mercurial Commercial: Kiln, Veracity, PlasticSCM • 2nd Gen VCS advances are slowing down Last SVN major release took 2 years Trends
  5. • Actively developed ecosystem • Ton of free good docs

    • Cool kids are doing it: • Hosted repos: • Cross-platform: • Deployment tool: • Marketable skill Git Benefits - By Marketplace
  6. • Fast (logs, diffs, etc.) • Facilitates experimentation – Fast

    branch creation and switching – Easy merge and re-merge – Stashing Commit before merge • Code artist, driver seat • Multitasking Git Benefits - For Developers
  7. • Large binaries that change often: games, CAD, etc. –

    git-annex – git-media • Security concerns, entire repository is stored locally • Extremely large projects, a full local copy is not feasible – shallow clones – sparse checkouts – submodules – subtree ?
  8. • Each file revision is stored as a unique BLOB

    object. The object identifier is an SHA-1 hash of its content. • Git is content-addressable file-system that has a notion of versions • Versions are snapshots of the entire tree • Object database: BLOBs, TREEs, COMMITs, TAGs Storage Model - Internals
  9. • Everyone has direct commit access • Uses a familiar

    paradigm • Minimal overhead and bottlenecks • Works well for most teams Repositories Layout - Centralized
  10. 1. Project maintainer is sole committer to the reference repository

    2. Contributors clone (fork) that repository and makes changes 3. Contributor commits those changes to their own public copy 4. Contributor asks the projects maintainer to apply changes 5. Project maintainer reviews, merges & commits to ref. repository Repositories Layout - Hierarchical
  11. Hierarchical System wide Per User Per Project Common Settings •

    Identity - Name + Email • Ignored files • End of line settings Configuration Basics
  12. Configuration Basics - EOL * Images Credit: http://blog.subgit.com/tag/autocrlf/ Since 1.7.2

    - Attributes text - on / off eol - how Pre 1.7.2 - core.autocrlf true false input
  13. Official client - git-scm.com GitHub for Windows - windows.github.com Tortoise

    Git - code.google.com/p/tortoisegit Git Extensions - code.google.com/p/gitextensions EGit for Eclipse - www.eclipse.org/egit Visual Studio Tools for Git - bit.ly/VvYiak * SourceTree - www.sourcetreeapp.com * Clients - Gratis
  14. Git <-> Svn - Built-in Git <-> TFS - www.git-tfs.com,

    3rd Party, Win only Git <-> TF - gittf.codeplex.com, MS, Java based Git <-> Hg - hg-git.github.com Git <-> Perforce - Built-in Bridges to other VCSes
  15. Clients - Side by Side Official Git CLI, Git-GUI, Gitk

    Built-in bridges: svn, perforce WinExplorer integration (git-cheetah) Aliases support UI tools limited Github for Windows Easy integration with GitHub All in one installer (Git, Posh-Git) “Clone in Windows” browser button Dumbed down functionality Git Extensions All in one installer (Git, KDiff3) Visual Studio integration, 2005 - 2012 WinExplorer integration Staging support TortoiseGit Good interface WinExplorer integration Hides Git operations
  16. Visual Studio Tools for Git - bit.ly/vstools4git 2012 Update 2

    (CTP) SourceTree - www.sourcetreeapp.com Mac only Windows Private Beta Clients - Exciting*
  17. • Uber fast, full history & versioning locally • Commit

    before merge is liberating • Multi-platform, enables different workflows • Well documented and integrated • Marketable skill Summary
  18. Visual Studio Tools for Git, MSDN Git Extensions, Henk Westhuis

    Git-TF, CodePlex Git Presentations, Steve Chacon Pro Git Book, Steve Chacon Pragmatic Guide to Git, Travis Swicegood References