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Hadoop on Azure - One elephant went out to play

Hadoop on Azure - One elephant went out to play

Hadoop makes data storage and processing at scale available as a lower cost and open solution. If you ever wanted to get your feet wet but found the elephant intimidating fear no more.

We will explore several integration considerations from a Windows application prospective like accessing HDFS content, writing streaming jobs, using .NET SDK, as well as HDInsight on premise or on Azure.

Ovidiu Dimulescu

March 16, 2013

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  1. One elephant went out to play, Azure way Orlando Code

    Camp, 2013 Ovidiu Dimulescu @odimulescu speakerdeck.com/odimulescu
  2. About @odimulescu • Working on the Web since 1997 •

    • Organizer for JaxMUG.com • Co-Organizer for Jax Big Data meetup
  3. Apache Hadoop is an open source framework for running data-intensive

    applications on large clusters of commodity hardware What is ?
  4. Processing diverse large datasets in practical time at low cost

    • Consolidates data in a distributed file system • Moves computation to data rather then data to computation • Simplifies programming model CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU What and how is solving?
  5. Why does it matter? • Volume - Datasets outgrow local

    HDDs let alone RAM • Velocity - Data grows at tremendous pace • Variety - Data is heterogeneous • Value - Scaling up is expensive (licensing, cpus, disks, fabric, etc.) - Scaling up has a ceiling (physical, technical, etc.)
  6. 20% 80% Data types Complex Structured Complex Data Images, Video

    Logs Documents Call records Sensor data Mail archives Structured Data User Profiles CRM HR Records * Chart Source: IDC White Paper Why does it matter?
  7. • ETL • Pattern Recognition • Recommendation Engines • Prediction

    Models • Log Processing • Data “sandbox” Use cases
  8. • Not a database replacement • Not a data warehousing,

    complements it • Not for interactive reporting • Not a general purpose storage mechanism • Not for problems that are not parallelizable in a share-nothing fashion * When not to use?
  9. HDFS Distributed filesystem designed for low cost storage and high

    bandwidth access across the cluster. MapReduce Simpler programming model for processing and generating large data sets. Architecture – Core Components
  10. Namenode (NN) Datanode 1 Datanode 2 Datanode N Namenode -

    Master • Filesystem metadata • Files R/W control • Blocks replication Datanode - Slaves • Blocks R/W per clients • Replicates blocks per master • Notifies master about block-ids H D F S Client ask NN for file NN returns DNs that has it Client ask DN for data Architecture - HDFS
  11. JobsTracker (JT) TaskTracker 1 JobTracker - Master • Accepts MR

    jobs submitted by clients • Assigns MR tasks to TaskTrackers • Monitors tasks and TaskTracker status, re-executes tasks upon failure • Speculative execution TaskTracker - Slaves • Runs MR tasks received from JobTracker • Manages storage and transmission of intermediate output J O B S API Client starts a job TaskTracker 2 TaskTracker N Architecture - MapReduce
  12. JobsTracker TaskTracker 1 DataNode 1 J O B S API

    NameNode H D F S * Mini OS: Filesystem & Scheduler Architecture - Core Hadoop TaskTracker 2 DataNode 2 TaskTracker N DataNode N
  13. HDFS HBase Storage MapReduce Data Processing ZooKeeper Chukwa Management Pig

    Data Access Hive Mahout Giraph Hama Ambari Hadoop - Ecosystem HUE Sqoop Stinger Impala
  14. HDFS HBase Storage MapReduce Data Processing ZooKeeper Chukwa Management Pig

    Impala Data Access Hive Mahout Giraph Hama Sqoop Ambari Hadoop - Ecosystem HUE Stinger
  15. Installation 1. Download & configure single-node cluster hadoop.apache.org/common/releases.html 2. Download

    a demo VM Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, etc. 3. Download MS HDInsight Server 4. Cloud: Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight Service
  16. Hadoop - Azure Story Name: Windows Azure HDInsight Service Where:

    Hadoop on Azure dot com Status: Public Preview *On-premise: Microsoft HDInsight Server
  17. Microsoft Distribution of Hadoop C library for HDFS file access

    Hadoop .Net HDFS File Access Managed C++ Solution HDFS - .Net access
  18. ODBC Driver Excel PowerPivot Other BI tools Connector for Hadoop

    Import / Export via SQOOP Hadoop Integration
  19. Java - Native C++ - Pipes framework Any – Streaming

    Pig Latin, Hive HQL, C via JNI hadoop pipes -input path_in -output path_out -program exec_program hadoop jar hadoop-streaming.jar -mapper map_prog -reducer reduce_prog - input path_in -output path_out hadoop jar jar_path main_class input_path output_path MapReduce - Clients
  20. C# - .Net SDK Driver Class MRRunner -dll WordFrequency.dll --

    input output MRRunner -dll WordFrequency.dll -class WordFrequency -- input output
  21. References Hadoop at Yahoo!, by Y! Developer Network MapReduce in

    Simple Terms, by Saliya Ekanayake Hadoop on Azure, Getting Started Hadoop .Net SDK .Net HDFS File Access SQL Server Connector for Hadoop