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DX: Developer eXperience

DX: Developer eXperience

DX is not only for your favorite framework! It can be applied in your project!


Olivier Dolbeau

May 21, 2019

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  1. DX: Developer eXperience AFUP Paris mai @The Coding Machine

  2. What’s DX? DX = Developer eXperience Goal: Increase developpers’s happiness.

  3. DX & Symfony

  4. DX & Symfony Label created on June 2014.

  5. Debug bar! <3

  6. Profiler

  7. Flex

  8. MakerBundle

  9. Symfony Local Web Server

  10. Debug component

  11. Useful commands

  12. More, more, more! • Filter Results in the Web Profiler

    • Allow to Check for Security Even in Pages not Covered by Firewalls • Added a Logout Shortcut in the Toolbar • Show Priorities When Debugging Events • Recursive Directory Loading for Configuration and Routing • Simpler Security Voters • New service to simplify password encoding • Bootstrap form theme • [VarDumper] expand all items of an array • Make debugging typos in tags easier • [DI] Have a better DX for excluded resources • [Messenger] Better error messages when transport is not supported • Improve the way exceptions are listed in the error page • ...
  13. STOP PUB!

  14. DX in my project

  15. Contextual information Can be so useful...

  16. Quick & simple!

  17. Payment form You also have one on your website right?

  18. Payment form

  19. None
  20. Just copy / past credit cards & promotion codes!

  21. Copy / pasting is great! <3

  22. Need more cards? Just click!

  23. Copy / pasting is great! <3

  24. Login / registration Cause you’ll always use this feature!

  25. A lot of links!!

  26. Just click to login!

  27. Just click to register!

  28. Easy referral!

  29. Referral done!

  30. SEO help SEO is boring, let’s help ourselves!

  31. OK, this page is indexed.

  32. This one is not indexed!

  33. No information...

  34. Everything looks great!

  35. Dump all the things! Yes, I have dump() calls in

    prod It’s (almost) a joke
  36. Subscription page in dashboard

  37. Yes, that’s dump() calls!

  38. Let’s see some code!

  39. Somewhere at the end of my layout.

  40. _dev_tools/main.html.twig

  41. _dev_tools/main.html.twig

  42. _dev_tools/main.html.twig

  43. Cards & promotion codes

  44. A few lines of sass...

  45. That’s enough!

  46. You want a conclusion?

  47. Help yourself!

  48. Thanks a lot!