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DX: Developer eXperience

DX: Developer eXperience

AFSY [Paris] SfPot Juin 2019 @OpenClassrooms

Talk about Developer eXperience.

Olivier Dolbeau

June 26, 2019

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  1. DX & Symfony Cause the first time I heard about

    DX, it was in a Symfony blog post.
  2. More, more, more! • Filter Results in the Web Profiler

    • Allow to Check for Security Even in Pages not Covered by Firewalls • Added a Logout Shortcut in the Toolbar • Show Priorities When Debugging Events • Recursive Directory Loading for Configuration and Routing • Simpler Security Voters • New service to simplify password encoding • Bootstrap form theme • [VarDumper] expand all items of an array • Make debugging typos in tags easier • [DI] Have a better DX for excluded resources • [Messenger] Better error messages when transport is not supported • Improve the way exceptions are listed in the error page • ...
  3. 1 need = several entry points Murphy’s law is not

    a myth, be prepared. Add debug & simple actions IN YOUR APP. IN YOUR CLI. … Bonus: Decoupling is mandatory! Decoupling is good.