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Google Green

Google Green

Raising awareness about #clean #energy and #sustainable #technology and #google #green mission.

Abdelrahman Omran

December 21, 2015

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  1. Do cool things that matter What does it take to

    succeed at Google? Alan Eustace, SVP of knowledge, explains the secret formula behind our workplace culture: our people. If you're interested in opportunities at Google, please visit our jobs site: http://google.com/about/careers http://google.com/jobs
  2. A better web. For a better Environment. Active user for

    one month of Google services = less energy than driving a car one mile. Active user who does 25 searches per day, watches 60 minutes of YouTube per day and has 1 active Gmail account.
  3. Data centers that save energy Google has the most efficient

    data centers in the world that uses as low as 50% of the energy of most other data centers.
  4. Greening Power Google uses 37% renewable energy as of 2015.

    - 24% renewable electricity purchased directly or produced by Google - 13% renewable electricity already on the grid
  5. Investing in a clean energy future Google believe in a

    clean energy future, because it’s sustainable, economical and available. Google have made agreements to fund nearly $2.5 billion in clean energy wind and solar projects.
  6. Investing in a clean energy future Peace Garden wind farms

    $38.8 million - 2012 SolarCity Residential Rooftop Solar $300M - 2015 Sunpower Residential Solar $100M - 2014 BrightSource: Concentrated solar power at scale $178M - 2008/2013
  7. Investing in a clean energy future These projects can generate

    over 2.9 GW, or enough electricity each year to power...