Taking the pain out of refactoring - MKGN March

Taking the pain out of refactoring - MKGN March

Refactoring can be tough. To look in detail at old code you've written to identify the weaknesses can be a really soul destroying experience. Whether it's finding code you've written that retrospectively could have been better, or forcing yourself to look at code you thought was brilliant but instead see the flaws and improvements that could be made.

But refactoring doesn't have to be a painful experience, it can be a joy. To watch your code improve, become more succinct, more thought out, and more performant is fantastic. In this talk, I'll cover some of the great sides to refactoring a front-end project, looking at recent work from a large project refactor I've been working on. I'll look at how you can set some good rules and goals for your refactoring. Take a look at tools to make the job easier. As well as things like how to prepare your state of mind for what can be a very tough process.


Adam Onishi

March 05, 2015