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ONOS Summit: Talk by Huawei(Vendor Perspective)

ONOS Project
December 09, 2014

ONOS Summit: Talk by Huawei(Vendor Perspective)

ONOS Summit: Talk by Huawei(Vendor Perspective)
Presented by: Ayush Sharma

ONOS Project

December 09, 2014

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  1. ONOS Summit December 2014 Ayush Sharma

  2. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. HUAWEI Confidential Open Source & Portfolio

    Transformation Synergy •  Ability to lead market quickly by leveraging open source •  Speed of Execution by identifying specific use cases •  Differentiation through feature velocity. Open Innovation Portfolio transformation Solution Integration Customer and Partner Proof Of Concepts
  3. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. HUAWEI Confidential Infrastructure Plane: •  Enhance

    hardware abstractions, chipset programmability/exposure capabilities & data plane features. Contribute partially to Open flow. Control & Management Plane: •  Integrate ONOS with Huawei SNC controller for Service Provider market during 2015. •  Integrate Huawei OSS/BSS system by using specific API and Models. Contribute partially to community. Applications Plane Develop new applications based on the use cases and POCs with selected customers and partner using SNC and ONOS combination Huawei ONOS
  4. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. HUAWEI Confidential Page 4 2015 Plan

    for ONOS project (Engineering) Ø  Drive synergies between ONF, ONOS and SNC architecture roadmap. •  Dedicated SDN Controller Architecture & developer team •  Joint customer, partner and community PoC execution. Ø  Two Use Cases (Geographically Select from Carrier/SP) •  Select two use cases from customer’s real requirement •  PoC (Based on ONOS and Huawei’s SDN Controller’s New Architecture) •  Contribute to ONOS Open Source Community when necessary, also contribute to Huawei’s in-house SDN cont Ø  Continue working on current Use Cases and complete in the first Q •  SDN IP RAN (Demo Network Provision, VPN, APP-ONOS connection) •  IP+Optical (PCEP on ONOS)
  5. Huawei Key Future Directions SDN Controller Modular Architecture utilizing Huawei’s

    product strengths (SNC) and Specific plugins China SDN Industry Alliance, Microsoft, China Mobile, Facebook Cloud Brokerage, Managed Services & Next Gen OSS/BSS Revenue Share New Verticals, Huawei Network App Store, IT DC Consolidation Ecosystem New Business Models New Products / Services Industry Leadership Influence through Strong Architecture, developer and standards team (NBI/ SBI definittions)
  6. SDN Industry Alliance Source: c114, updated: 2014/7/28

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