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Land Minis3, NFT marketplace for digital real estate ownership

Land Minis3, NFT marketplace for digital real estate ownership

Slides presented at the ONTOCHAIN Summit for Trustworthy Internet by Julien Carbonnell, Urban Data Scientist


June 01, 2022

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  1. Land Minis3 AI-augmented NFT marketplace for digital real estate Julien

    Carbonnell Urban Data Scientist 󰏃 CivicTech OÜ, June 1st, 2022
  2. False information on real estate ownership impacts the economy badly

    - Public sector can’t collect tax to invest in infrastructure - People can’t securely own a house or a farm - Civil court are overwhelmed - Economy stuck in informality
  3. NFT marketplace as distributed land registry Nascent market of $50B

    capitalization High volatility and hazardous speculation Becoming a key element of digital ownership. Digital real estate is important for individual financial security, it enables the performance and scalability of a sustainable economic growth, and AI can help identifying good investments. copyright: parcl.co
  4. Blockchain for social good Minting land ownership titles as NFTs

    is the entry door to a fair tax system, and a transparent and trustworthy economy ➔ Sell online worldwide ➔ Secure family savings ➔ Unlock bank loans …
  5. Business model NFT marketplace for digital real estate is profitable

    through different revenue streams ➔ Fractionalized collective ownership ➔ Small bids access a stable profit ➔ Simplify buy/sale properties
  6. Data-as-a-Service The platform is built on top of data as

    a core underlying asset that is collected, trained, serviced through API. Land Minis3 will be the knowledge reservoir of the digitization of real estate worldwide.
  7. AI augmented design - NFT classifier smart recommendation by similarity

    search engine based on a buyer’s profile - NFT sales forecasting historical market data + social trends (google news / twitter) to evaluate your NFT sale/purchase - NFT text generation automating computer-generate marketing content of NFTs