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Designing Products for Emerging Markets at Scale

Osioke Itseuwa
November 28, 2017

Designing Products for Emerging Markets at Scale

Products are always designed and built to get users hooked. But how do you design products for a market with completely new users? Where these users that have not been catered to or designed and created for. How do you design a product that solves the user's itch from the first time they use it? So they can become returning users and not infuriated users. And how do you do all this while aiming to scale and address a new and large market? I used this talk to help us explore possible solutions.

Osioke Itseuwa

November 28, 2017

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  1. Hello, I am Osioke Onoarue Oarue-Itseuwa (aka Sprime). A part

    time Experience Designer, full time Community Manager at Devcenter. Also a: • Traveler • Street Photographer (see https://instagram.com/ganinigeria) • DIYer • Life Hacker (see https://spracks.com) • Explorer (see https://blog.ganinigeria.com)
  2. When did I become a Designer? A timeline of events

    where I applied design and its processes: From small: I always loved breaking down adverts In Secondary School / University: How can I be more attractive? *A little test: wearing shoes instead of slip ons increases your perceived social importance and maturity, which translates to increased attractiveness. This also applies when you wear accessories that match your attire. 2013: Brand Executive for Cormart Limited 2014/2015: Devcenter Groupie, Devcenter Product Contributor and Reviewer 2016 till present: Devcenter Project Manager, Devcenter full time Community Manager and part time Experience Designer
  3. is a distributed community of software developers, designers and PMs

    across Africa, helping clients build world class software.
  4. Back to the topic - What I mean by it

    How can we create usable products or services for a region, area, or place that hasn’t been catered to with respect to the type of service or product we would like to create? And do this, while accommodating as many users as possible?
  5. Story Time!!! I like telling stories to illustrate my points.

    If any story isn’t clear, I can explain more if you send me a DM on Twitter at https://twitter.com/osioke
  6. How have others Designed Products for Emerging Markets? • Kenneth’s

    story on doing research while building a new product ◦ While building a new product, Kenneth had to move around and ask a lot of people questions, to learn about their problems, and how to solve them. • Story of a King ◦ A King sneaks out of the castle every night to mingle with his village people, so he better knows what they want. In all these stories, the village and the new product users, they where like emerging markets. And to build well for them Kenneth and the King had to learn from their users by asking them. The King used a different method of asking, he watched them just as we do when we use analytics on a new product. This helps them design policies, processes and products for their new users with their users in mind.
  7. How have others Designed Products for Emerging Markets at Scale?

    • How Airbnb finally found what worked (losten to this pocast for the full story here [mp3]) ◦ They visited their customers’ home, watched them, asked the right questions, and in doing so they learnt all they needed to build the right product. ▪ The right questions. Like “What would I do that would make you tell everyone about this?” • Andela’s ALC ◦ I have no inside details, so I can not say much. But Andela did learn from the community they gathered.
  8. How have I Designed a Product for an Emerging Market

    at Scale? • Learning by living with my People • Testing by Asking; The Jukebox Test ◦ I used a similar product to test if they would like the idea. • Gigson Chukwu, a Bot • Gigson goes to School; Feeding back their Feedbacks, especially the right ones • Gigson gets a Home - http://gigson.co ◦ By watching, we learnt to arrange the posts to make viewing easier.
  9. Tips - How I Learnt • Read a lot; Books,

    Blogs, Podcasts … ◦ Podcast - Masters of Scale https://mastersofscale.com/ ◦ Book - Hooked by Nir Eyal ◦ Blog/Site - hbr.org ... • Study others; Nature, Businesses, People … ◦ Discovery and National Geographic channel ◦ http://finimize.com for world financial insights ◦ Communities By learning from birds, Eiji Nakatsu was able to help Japan create a bullet train with less noise. Watch the video here https://youtu.be/iMtXqTmfta0
  10. Wise Words. A few words of wisdom I felt would

    help explain this topic better.
  11. “In other to scale, you have to do things that

    don’t scale.” - Reid Hoffman Co-founder of LinkedIn & Greylock Partner
  12. “You have to put yourself in the shoes of your

    users. If you are only doing A/B testing you aren’t designing with empathy.” - Reid Hoffman Co-founder of LinkedIn & Greylock Partner
  13. “It is really hard to get 10 people to love

    something. But it is not hard if you spend time with them.” - Brian Chesky Co-founder and CEO Airbnb.
  14. “It is important to get passionate feedback early, while still

    designing the product, ... like an architect, user feedback ensures you won’t build a dozen floors on an unstable foundation” - Reid Hoffman Co-founder of LinkedIn & Greylock Partner