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Growth Clinic Pitch Deck

Growth Clinic Pitch Deck

Growth Clinic's pitch deck walking you through the problem we are looking to solve: unemployment and wealth creation, our solution, our models and how we plan on solving it.

Osioke Itseuwa

May 16, 2023

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  1. Problem The world seems to have solved the problem of

    learning, but getting jobs is still hard. Unemployment is increasing and the UN says that the lack of required skills is one of the key factors in the rise in unemployment Basically, there is a gap between the skills individuals learn and what a business needs to grow.
  2. Solution We have found an innovative way to use mental

    models and communities to scale learning and employment. We have seen communities build innovative products and businesses in the open source software world. While working with these communities, we mistakenly discovered that unskilled members were getting skilled faster than normal learning facilities taught these same skills.
  3. It wasn't that they were just learning faster, they were

    learning enough to apply the skills faster.
  4. Thinking Frameworks Community Smart Micro-Content F Design ThinkinH F Project

    ThinkinH F Market ThinkinH F And more... F Contributori F Knowledge & Culturw F Partners F Bite-sized tasks from real world projects/problemi F Summarised guides from open online resources The GIS expanded: Smart Micro-Content Community Thinking Frameworks Growth & Innovation System
  5. We are not building just another e-learning system, we are

    changing the way learning and employment happens. The communities can become their own employers, learning by building for themselves and creating their own wealth.
  6. "When I launched my startup Festivilia, I had alot of

    issues as regards pricing, the general interphase of the website, call to action texts and buttons etc. I was making every mistake common as a first time techpreneur.   I then had the chance to meet with Sprime and he helped me totally revamp the whole business! He easily saw I was undercharging for my service at a glance and after deliberating much on the pricing, he helped come up with an ideal and balanced pricing plan. I was first of all sceptical and thought it might be too much for our user and growth will stall but I was totally blown away by how fast this led to a consistent growth of the business! I even had a few customers tell me that they signed up eventually because my pricing now seems ideal.  The whole backend was manual and Sprime also assisted in helping to turn the platform to a semi- automatic system. He introduced to me invaluable online tools to streamline some processes and that automatically cut the time I spend on these processes by over 70% and allow me focus more on other important areas of the business. All these he did for free for me! And I'm forever indebted to him. Festivilia grew to over 200% in one year due to his invaluable inputs.  I highly recommend every organisation struggling with growth to sign up on Growth Clinic!" “ T estimonials Tobi Ogunwande Founder, Festivilia
  7. It helped me see that to be the best in

    what I do was kinda easy because I could follow the blueprint laid down by global leaders in the area I do business. I loved that the materials in the program were rare and valuable insights. I gained renewed commitment to the growth of myself and my business. I learned that there are mental models to follow that pretty much work in every area of work and business. All in all it’s a fantastic program and anyone taking the program will be amazed at their growth once they implement all that is shared by Growth Clinic." The entire experience was quite beneficial for my product management journey. It laid a very solid foundation. One major thing that has stood with me and has remained helpful all along, is the act of talking to my customers, which is quite paramount in building a successful product. Deriving a solution in my head is not the proper way of building a product and successful products cannot just be built by a founder alone, without engaging the people you are building for. I also learnt how to properly manage a community, the do's and don'ts, how to keep a community running, etc. All in all, the program was quite worthwhile for me and I would encourage anyone looking to build a career in product management or building a startup to pass through it. “ “ Testimonials Testimonials Funmi Amarvi Raheemah Azeez Co-founder, Afrimama Farms Founder, PhiliaTech
  8. Product Roadmap 4 A community networ! 4 A headless community

    and content management platforC 4 An Investment Fun 4 A Gig Marketplac7 4 An Investment/Capital Marketplace
  9. Revenue Model & Equity in the community-built venture9 & Subscriptions

    from businesses and individuals to access the marketplace(s) and network Equity Growth New Investor
  10. Market Size The World Bank predicts there will be a

    70% rise in Africa’s working population (ages 15 to 64) between 2015 and 2035. By 2035, Africa’s projected workforce population of 910 million will be more than that of China, India, Europe and the United States combined making it the largest marketplace for talent worldwide.
  11. Market Value Quartz Africa states that the African e-learning market

    size is now valued at $2.47 Billion and expected to reach $4.71 Billion by 2027. Africa has the fastest-growing labour force, with over 10 to 12 million youths entering the labour market annually.
  12. Similar Enterprises They matchmake founders to build vetted ideas. They

    are a holding company that builds, buys and invests in community-based products. They run accelerator cohorts to get ideas and build under specific fund-defined problem areas. They are building a digital nation. Entrepreneur First Village Capital: Late Checkout Studio: Afropolitan:
  13. How we are different We are enabling learning as well

    as job creation and wealth generation. By combining the process of learning and building businesses, people learn exactly what businesses need to grow, thereby closing the skill gap in a way that is enticing to all sides of the market.
  14. Team Osioke Itseuwa Gbeminiyi Obadan Akachi Ogbonna Olushola David Community,

    Product and Growth Legal Product Design and Branding Visual Design
  15. Current Growth  10+ test cohorts with 100+ individuals in

    attendance  5+ learning community events and counting  80+ members in our community network.
  16. Fundraising $ 100,000 US$ 0 Team and operations developmen2 0

    Community network developmen2 0 Marketing and brandin( 0 Product development