How to Manage an Online Community - My Learnings

How to Manage an Online Community - My Learnings

Managing an online community can be daunting. I shared some tips on how I have managed and grown Devcenter's community from 200 to over 1,800 members in under a year.


Osioke Itseuwa

September 22, 2017


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    a distributed community of software developers, designers and PMs across

    Africa, helping clients build world class software.
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    Hello, I am Osioke Onoarue Oarue-Itseuwa (aka Sprime). • Traveler

    • Street Photographer (see • DIYer • Life Hacker (see • Explorer (see • Open source lover In one sentence: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I am Jack.
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    My Community history 2009: Member of the defunct FOSS NG,

    Founder of the defunct OpenIT Community, AIESECer. 2013: NYSC IT trainer. 2014/2015: Google Local Guide community lead, Open source project community lead (States & Cities and later Disease Info). 2016/2017: Community manager Devcenter Square, Together with Google Developer program, and a GitHub Super Fan.
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    Community focus: Devcenter Square 400+ people talking weekly, 750+ people

    active weekly, 2,400+ members, 40+ sub-communities.
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    How Can You Do It In one sentence: Make your

    community comfortable. • Create code of conduct, guides and community docs ◦ After creating them, make them very easy to be seen by members • Discussions and chats arranged into different channels ◦ And make sure members stick to this • Moderation should be on fleek ◦ DO NOT JOKE WITH MODERATION. • In the early days, welcoming new join ins, personally. Try to do it from time to time even as the community goes larger. ◦ It helps them bond in faster, and makes them fill more settled.
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    Tips and Resources • Join other online communities, study them,

    be active in them, and learn from them. E.g. Feverbee (, CMX Hub on Slack and Facebook (, Buffer on Slack (, Devcenter Square ( • Read and research a lot. Favourite places to go to:, CMX Hub ( ◦ Books: Hooked by Nir Eyal & Platform Revolution by Geoffrey Parker
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    Tips & Resources • Understand a little of User Experience

    design, how people behave (behavioral psychology), product design and people management. It will help you create better processes for your members. ◦ Sign up for’s class ◦ Read through and ◦ Play some games on to better understand internet bullying and how bad it can be ▪ Also read this post - 6e3370aee