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Growth Clinic's Growth and Innovation System

Growth Clinic's Growth and Innovation System

A process for leveraging communities to transform individuals and businesses into economies and ecosystems.

Osioke Itseuwa

March 22, 2022

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  1. Growth Clinic's System Transforming Individuals and Businesses through Communities

  2. What is Growth Clinic?

  3. The World is Changing

  4. Traditional methods of growing as an individual or business are

    becoming obsolete in this new world. To market your product or service, you need to connect with your users. To build this connection, you need to establish a community.
  5. Your customers become people who connect with your product or

    service, not just pay for it
  6. What is a Community?

  7. This means that with a shared goal communities can grow

    beyond shared interests. They can commit to shared goals, solve shared pain points and create shared economy.
  8. In this shared economy, as the individuals grow, the community

    grows. They grow by learning. Learning is central in how a country or an economy grows, it is central in defining what can be created.
  9. Shared Economy Building and creating for themselves, they conceive their

    own shared wealth. Community People with shared goals and pain points come together to learn and create. Ecosystem The shared economy enables others around this community to grow and partake in the shared wealth, thereby starting a self-sustaining growth loop. Community Progression STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3
  10. As we enable the community to share, new ideas are

    built on the old. This sharing leads to innovation. Here innovation does not only solve shared pain points, it creates new markets off of the community. It also creates new products and services from the community.
  11. An enabled community can:

  12. All of these are possible via Growth Clinic's System of

    coordinated learning and sharing. We call this system our Growth and Innovation System.
  13. The Growth and Innovation system Smart Micro-content Local Contributors Thinking

    Frameworks Growth & Innovation System
  14. Thinking Frameworks Local Contributors Smart Micro-content e Design ThinkinY e

    Project ThinkinY e Market ThinkinY e And more... e Local communitx e Local Knowledge & Culturh e Local Partners e Bite-sized tasks from real world projects/problemj e Summarised guides from open online resources The GIS expanded: Smart Micro-content Local Contributors Thinking Frameworks Growth & Innovation System
  15. With the Growth and innovation system we can:

  16. Problem set0 " Depressed econom " Unskilled labou " Unprofitable

    / Slow-growth company Homegrown innovative product/service„ " Fast growing & sustainable econom " Skilled talenT " Profitable & scalable Startups Problem sets are examined through the GIS and they become Homegrown innnovative products and services Smart Micro-content Local Contributors Thinking Frameworks Growth & Innovation System
  17. Interested in this? We run growth cohorts. Send an email

    to to learn more. growthclinic@gmail.com
  18. Thank you for your time!