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Agile Web Development in Ten Minutes - FOWAB 5

Agile Web Development in Ten Minutes - FOWAB 5

FOWAB 5 - 2011, Bandung


  1. Agile Web Development in ten minutes Willy Ekasalim Panggi Libersa

    Jasri Akadol
  2. Why Agile?  Lets compare it with Waterfall model: 

    Requirement -> Design -> Coding -> Maintenance.  Big design up front.  Then become too big to adapt changes.  OK for stable project, unchanging requirements.  Web requirements change from time to time right? so be Agile!
  3. What¶s Agile?  It¶s actually many mini-Waterfalls

  4. What¶s Agile (continue..)?  So every mini-Waterfalls is a Iteration

     Adapt fast to changes, quick decision making.  An Iteration is short 1 week or 2 week.  Involve Pair Programming  Monday: create and assign tasks.  Tuesday: design, code, and test.  Wednesday: design, code, and test.  Thursday: design, code, and test.  Friday: Demo day, deploy, relax, research, tech talks.
  5. More on Agile  Bullpen or open space office. No

    barrier.  Just talk, suggest, and discuss anytime!
  6. Agile Tools  Continuous Integration (CI) Server  Developer needs

    quick feedback when they check-in code.
  7. Agile Tools  Open Source CI server  Hudson and

    Cruise Control.  Online/Cloud Agile Project Management  Support Iteration development style.  Feature backlog or defect backlog  Example: Assembla, XP-Dev, Acunote, and more«
  8. Agile Nature of Ruby on Rails  Faster development 

    Active Record for Object Relational Mapping  One language only for everything: Ruby  No need to learn other languages.  Less amount of codes.  DRY ( Don't Repeat Yourself )  Built in Testing Framework
  9. http://bistip.com http://twitter.com/bistip http://facebook.com/bistip