CNN Based Auto-Pilot for a Wheelchair - Jenny Midwinter

CNN Based Auto-Pilot for a Wheelchair - Jenny Midwinter

Jenny Midwinter at May 21, 2019 event of

Title: CNN Based Auto-Pilot for a Wheelchair: A brief story of the results of rapid development of a CNN based self driving wheelchair using open source software & low cost hardware

Summary: This lightening talk describes the development & results that were successfully used to create a proof-of-concept (POC) prototype for a CNN based auto-pilot function that was able to autonomously drive a wheelchair based on a single input image stream from forward facing camera . A brief explanation of how the CNN is used to autonomously drive the wheelchair is provided, including a short video demo. As well, a description of the low-cost hardware/software system, & the learnings that were obtained, now being used as a basis for the next stage of development, will also be presented.

Bio: Jenny is collaborating as Chief Scientist, Applied AI, at Eightfold Technologies, and responsible for the development of vision based self-driving technology for Eightfold’s SmartChair. She is the CEO and founder of Blue Horizon AI, a start up dedicated to applying AI in autonomous technologies to assist the disabled. Prior to this, she has 25 years experience in R&D in the Telecom Industry.



May 21, 2019