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SEOloger #53: Senuto

SEOloger #53: Senuto

Pavel Ungr, SEOloger

January 26, 2021

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  1. Senuto

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  2. • Key Facts

    • Senuto: 4,2 million keywords in CZ

    • Ahrefs: 1,7 million (Senuto 247% )

    • Semrush: 2,5 million (Senuto 168%)

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  3. idnes.cz - TOP50 keywords

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  6. • Google places keywords in 63 volume
    ranges for the Czech Republic.

    • The di
    erence between the ranges
    can be as much as: 100,000 searches.

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  7. • The number of searches from Google does not always
    tell how many people are actually searching for a given
    phrase - you have to bear this in mind in the estimates.

    • * Senuto search volume data comes from Google
    keyword planner.

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  13. • Our database is growing day by day - we are adding
    new phrases

    • It is refreshed frequently

    • We are a tool dedicated to the Czech market, so we will
    do all the functions and improvements for this market,
    unlike global tools that do not look at the Czech market

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  14. senu.to/pavel

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  15. Thanks

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