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SEOloger #53: Senuto - How to Win the Client with data

SEOloger #53: Senuto - How to Win the Client with data

Pavel Ungr, SEOloger

January 26, 2021

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  1. Build the trust basing on data Your portfolio. Share case

    studies basing on public data Show you understand Clients SEO position Competition: identify and x-ray them Improvement ideas Show that you are basing on the solid foundation
  2. Status Quo and Dynamics is the domain loosing or gaining

    ? what is it loosing and what gaining? Competitors where is the competition? how strong is it? Quick wins directly coming from the analysis? Understanding Clients position
  3. Show where the real SEO copetition is The difference between

    market and SEO approach to competition peugeot.cz/ jeep.cz/ volvocars.com/cz volkswagen.cz/ mazdaihned.cz autojeremiasova.cz adj.cz carstarpraha.cz skladovevozy.cz mazdashop.cz kodecar.cz Market perspective SEO perspective
  4. More quick „Quick Wins” Work towards DA – check your

    competition Get rid of duplicated content Identify the strongest content of your competitor
  5. Native search engine tools: Google/Seznam/Yandex Free SEO Tools like Answer

    the public, Keyword.io Well known SEO Tools + Close to the market tools 3 groups of SEO Tools 1 773 583 4 200 303 853 636 1 934 616