Your Website is the Next Social Medium

5c415d285e8ae6a5f8af9cbef87c888c?s=47 Peter Anglea
October 21, 2014

Your Website is the Next Social Medium

Imagine a university website with content tailored specifically to the individual viewing it—a site where nobody has to hunt to find information relevant to them. Sound like a pipe dream? Maybe, maybe not. Social media has fundamentally changed the information gathering process. People want to be social anytime they consume media. According to social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, “This means that you need to fold a social element into all of your creative… and into every interaction with your customers…. From now on, every platform should be treated as a social networking platform.” Now, considering websites, if it's not social, it's not relevant. Fortunately, there are many ways to leverage the big data of social networks to an institution's advantage. A few key facts about users (such as age, location, and personal interests) can take content from “generic” to “extremely relevant.” Thankfully, social media APIs make this fairly simple to implement. Explore the possibilities that exist for integrating the secret sauce of social media into a website—everything from big ideas to small actionable steps to begin enhancing the social relevancy of content.


Peter Anglea

October 21, 2014