Web Sharing is Web Caring

8ec1383b240b5ba15ffb9743fceb3c0e?s=47 Phil Nash
September 10, 2019

Web Sharing is Web Caring

Third party JavaScript, tracking scripts, iframes! What are you doing with all those share buttons on your site?

The Web Share API is here and you should know about it! It's not just a new API though, it brings benefits to your users you may not have thought of.

What if you want to have things shared to your site though? Then you need to know how to become a Web Share Target. We'll check that out too.

Let's investigate how the web platform is solving problems you didn't know you had and making sharing a more caring part of the web.


The Web Share API: https://philna.sh/blog/2017/03/14/the-web-share-api/
Register as a Web Share Target: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/12/web-share-target
Use the Web Share API easily with web components: https://philna.sh/blog/2018/04/25/web-share-api-with-web-components/
<web-share-wrapper>: https://github.com/philnash/web-share-wrapper


Phil Nash

September 10, 2019