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Introduction of ONF CORD in Global SDNFV Tech 2017

D907136acebc72f1df878541b26f271a?s=47 Phil Huang
August 02, 2017

Introduction of ONF CORD in Global SDNFV Tech 2017

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Phil Huang

August 02, 2017


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  2. Introduction of ONF CORD Phil Huang 黃秉鈞 phil@cord-ambassadors.org / phil_huang@edge-core.com

    ONF CORD Ambassador / Edgecore Networks Solution Engineer Global SDNFV Tech Conference 2017, Beijing, China, August 2, 2017
  3. 黃秉鈞 Phil Huang • ONF CORD Ambassador Member • Edgecore

    Solution Engineer § ONF CORD / Atrium § BigSwitch / CumulusLinux / Pica8 • SDNDS-TW (SDN開發者社群) 共同創辦者 3 Ref: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-huang-09b09895/
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  5. Telco Central Office (CO) Mobile Residential Enterprise Central Office Can

    be small or large and has different names in different contexts 5 • CO is a service provider’s gateway to its customers • There are 1000+ of COs • Per CO may support § 10K+ residential subscribers § 10K+ mobile subscribers § 1K+ enterprise customers • CO providers a great vantage point for service providers
  6. Residential Network 6 PC CPE ONU OLT BNG Internet Home

    Roadside CO
  7. Mobile Network 7 Phone eNB BBU SGW BGW Internet User

    Field CO
  8. Enterprise Network 8 PC CPE EE TE ROADM Office CO

    ROADM CO Metro Net … Internet
  9. Challenges • Source of high CAPEX and OPEX • Lack

    of programmability inhibits innovation • Limits ability to create new services and revenue ØHard to create innovative services 9
  10. What is CORD? 10 Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter

    SDN + NFV + Cloud Open Source Software Commodity Hardware (Servers, White-Box Switches, I/O Blades) Large number of COs Evolved over 40-50 years 300+ Types of equipment Huge source of CAPEX/OPEX
  11. CORD Aims to Deliver 11 Agility of a cloud provider

    Software platforms that enable rapid creation of new services Economies of a datacenter Infrastructure built with a few commodity building blocks using open source software and white-box switches
  12. Design Philosophy -> Tangible Value 12 SDN NFV Cloud Extends

    the agility of micro-services to the access network Supports legacy VNFs and pushes the limits of disaggregation Interconnects VNFs and is a source of innovative services XaaS
  13. Service Provider Driven 13

  14. Traditional Service Provider Network 14 Aggregation Switch … OLT …

    ONU ONU Splitter Splitter … BNG Switch Internet Reliability ☹ Scalability ☹ Flexibility ☹ Cost
  15. Data Center Leaf-Spine Fabric 15 Reliability Scalability Flexibility Latency Cost

    Bandwidth Spine Leaf
  16. CORD: Software Stack 16 XOS ONOS Access- as-a-Service Subscriber- as-a-Service

    Internet- as-a-Service CDN OpenStack / Docker vSG ... vRout er ... Multicast Control Fabric Control VTN Ceilometer Monitoring- as-a-Service Scalable Services Run in OpenStack VMs and Docker Containers Control Applications Hosted by ONOS Multi-Tenant Services Assembled by XOS
  17. Metro Router White Box White Box White Box White Box

    White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box Open Source SDN-based Bare-metal White Box White Box R,E,M- Access CORD Architecture 17 ONOS Controller Cluster vRouter Control XOS (Orchestrator) vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS Residential Mobile Enterprise Underlay Control Underlay Overlay Control Overlay vOLT Control
  18. Related Open Source Projects with ONF CORD 18

  19. Build Physical POD Deployments 19

  20. Server Roles 20

  21. Software Layers 21 Bootstrap Layer Container infrastructure layer Basic infrastructure

    layer Physical fabric control Service fabric layer Storage layer OpenStack layer OAM services/tools layer OpenStack layer Local orchestration layer Analytics infrastructure layer R-CORD meta module E-CORD meta module M-CORD meta module Other use-case meta modules
  22. Full POD: Definition • The minimum amount of hardware that

    can be used to perform a full test of the current CORD features 22 CORD Fabric 4 x White-box switches Compute 3 x x86 servers Suggested Components • OCP-qualified Switches § AS6712-32x 40GbE • Server § QuantaGrid D51-1U § Intel XL710 10/40 GbE
  23. Physical POD Topology 23 Ref: https://github.com/opencord/cord/blob/master/docs/quickstart_physical.md

  24. Network Connectivity: User / Data Plane 24 Head node 1

    Compute node 2 Compute node 1 Leaf 1 Leaf 2 Spine 1 Spine 2 Fabric 4x White-box switches Compute 3x standard x86 servers Access devices Metro network
  25. Network Connectivity: Complete View 25 Compute node 1 Head node

    Spine 1 Spine 2 Internet External access to the POD Where the operator connects IPMI Fabric to leafs IPMI Fabric to leafs Linux mgmt to internal Linux mgmt to internal Compute node 2 IPMI Fabric to leafs Linux mgmt to internal Leaf 1 Leaf 2 Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Internal mgmt L2 switch External network L2 switch Mgmt
  26. CORD Single Node 26

  27. CORD Multi Node 27

  28. Synchronization Process 28

  29. Trellis CORD Network Infrastructure 29

  30. What is Trellis? 30 Datacenter Leaf-Spine Fabric Underlay Virtual Network

    Overlay Unified SDN Control Of Underlay & Overlay ONOS Controller Cluster & Apps Trellis is the enabling Network Infrastructure for CORD Trellis Provides Common control over underlay & overlay networks, including 1. Service Composition for Tenant Networks 2. Distributed Virtual Routing 3. Optimized Delivery of Multicast Traffic Streams
  31. Underlay Fabric – Open Hardware 31 White Box SDN Switch

    Edgecore AS6712-32x Spine Switch 32 x 40G ports downlink to leaf switches 40G QSFP+/DAC GE mgmt. AS6712-32x White Box SDN Switch Edgecore AS6712-32x Leaf Switch 24 x 40G ports downlink to servers and vOLT 8 x 40G ports uplink to different spine switches ECMP across all uplink ports GE mgmt. AS6712-32x
  32. Underlay Fabric – Software Stacks 32 BRCM ASIC OF-DPA Indigo

    OF Agent OF-DPA API OpenFlow 1.3 Leaf/Spine Switch Software Stack OCP Software - ONL ONIE OCP Bare Metal Hardware BRCM SDK API ONOS OCP: Open Compute Project ONL: Open Network Linux ONIE: Open Network Install Environment BRCM: Broadcom Merchant Silicon ASICs OF-DPA: OpenFlow Datapath Abstraction ONL-2.0.0-ONL-OS-DEB8-2016-12-22 OF-DPA 3.0 EA4 ONOS 1.8.9 CORD-3.0
  33. L2 Unicast 33 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1 Host2 Host3

    OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS
  34. L2 Broadcast 34 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1 Host2 Host3

    OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS
  35. L3 Unicast 35 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1 Host2 Host3

    OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS
  36. L3 Multicast 36 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1 Host2 Host3

    OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS
  37. vRouter Integration 37 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1 Host2 Host3

    OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS BGP Data
  38. vSG Integration 38 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1 Host2 Host3

    OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS Q-in-Q
  39. Put everything all together… 39 Leaf1 Leaf2 Spine1 Spine2 Host1

    Host2 Host3 OLT Upstream Router Quagga ONOS
  40. Virtual Network Overlay 40 OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS

    OVS OVS OVS Service VNFs & vNets Non-overlapping addresses Service B Virtual Network Tenant Green Virtual Network Overlapping address space Connectivity isolation VMs/Containers Service Y Virtual Network Tenant Blue Virtual Network Services can dynamically grow or shrink VXLAN Overlay VXLAN Overlay VXLAN Overlay Single VXLAN port in OVS
  41. Trellis Summary • Underlay Fabric § L2/L3 spine-leaf fabric –

    Bare-metal hardware + open source software § SDN control plane – No distributed protocols § Modern ASIC data plane – 1.28 Tbps switching bandwidth for each switch • Virtual Network Overlay § Designed for NFV – ChainedVNFs using with best principles of cloud § Overlay Control – XOS and VTN implement service graph § OVS + VXLAN Data Plane • Unified SDN Control § Common Control – Opportunity for optimized service delivery 41
  42. Fabric Enhancements • Complete support IPv6 • Support dual homing

    (servers, access devices, upstream routers) • Support in-band control of remote access devices • Support policies for redirecting or blocking traffic • Support latest OF-DPA chipset (e.g., Qumran) • Generalized support pseudo wire (E-CORD) 42
  43. Virtual Optical Line Terminal Network as a Switch 43

  44. Disaggregated Optical Line Termination 44 GPON Chassis-Type OLT GPON Line

    Card GPON Line Card GPON Line Card Switching Board Control Board Backpalne Each GPON OLT IO Blade is connected to TOR switch with 40/100Gbps uplink port Disaggregated OLT GPON OLT IO Blade GPON OLT IO Blade GPON OLT IO Blade ToR Switch x86 Server vOLT Control App
  45. AT&T Open GPON Hardware Spec • 48 Port, 1RU, I/O

    Pizza box • GPON MAC • GPON protocol management • 802.1ad-compiant VLAN bridging • Ethernet MAC 45
  46. What is vOLTHA? Layer of abstraction atop legacy and next

    generation netwrok equipment both PON and in the future xDSL, Docsis, G.Fast, Ethernet Key value add of vOLTHA: • Network as a Switch - access network abstracted as a programmable switch • Evolution to virtualization - legacy and virtualized devices. Runs on the device on general servers or in a DC • Unified OAM abstraction - provides unified, vendor/tech agnostic management interface • vOLTHA Confines the differences of access tech to the locality of access and hiding from the upper layers of the OSS stack 46
  47. vOLTHA High Level Architecture 47

  48. Hardware vOLTHA AT&T Open GPON –Software Overview Ref: https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/VOLTHA%3A+vOLT+Hardware+Abstraction 48

    OpenFlow Controller Configuration Controller Ref: https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/CORD+Summit+--+July+29%2C+2016?preview=/1278537/1279415/Tom%20Anschutz%20R-CORD%20Breakout.pdf
  49. Edgecore ASFvOLT16 49 vOLTHA asfvolt16_olt adapter (Python) ASFvOLT16 OLT CPU

    BAL Objects/protos BAL Core/Utils Qumran API Maple SDK Qumran SDK BCM88470 Qumran (QAX) Ethernet PSU/FAN (FPGA) XFP/QSFP SyncE/IEEE 1588 Timing VPD (EEPROM) Board (Reset/WD) Uplink Ethernet Maple NNI PON Maple NNI PON Maple NNI PON Maple NNI PON Redfish Http(s) REST Board Config, optics supervision, TCA, Alarms gRPC client ONLP API Maple API bal_voltha_app (C) gRPC Client gRPC Server bal_cli gRPC server vOLTHA IAdapterInterface Flows, Intf, Stats, Ind, TCA OMCI ONU act/flow Maple stubs OpenNetworkLinux ONIE OpenNetworkLinux BRCM PON MAC/Switch Broadcom Proprietary Redfish HW REST API Adapter Board HW stat/ctrl ASFvOLT16 board HW Adapter PON elements OLT driver elements ASFvOLT16 vOLTHA adapter BRCM maybe required Maybe required Ref: https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/VOLTHA+Adapter+for+Edgecore+ASFvOLT16+OLT Hardware & Firmware vOLTHA
  50. 50

  51. OLT / ONU Interoperability 51 GPON OLT IO Blade GPON

    OLT IO Blade Ref: https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/VOLTHA - xPON in vOLTHA Proposal.pdf Splitter Splitter ONU ONU OLT Adapter Hardware vOLTHA ONU Adapter IAdapter Interface vOLTHA Core
  52. R-CORD Residential Access 52

  53. Legacy Central Office 53 Backbone Network Residence Central Office CPE:

    Customer Premises Equipment OLT: Optical Line Termination BNG: Broadband Network Gateway CPE ONU OLT ETH AGG BNG BNG
  54. Switching Fabric Software and Hardware Disaggregation Backbone Network Residence Central

    Office CPE: Customer Premises Equipment OLT: Optical Line Termination BNG: Broadband Network Gateway CPE ONU OLT ETH AGG BNG vOLT vSG vRouter BNG 54
  55. R-CORD Controller: Software Architecture 55 CORD Controller vOLT Controller vSG

    Controller vRouter Residential Subscribers Controller Controller vCDN Controller OpenStack ONOS Controller Controller Monitoring Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)
  56. AT&T and R-CORD 56

  57. AT&T and R-CORD - Result • System • dual 2670

    v3 / 64 GB ram dual Intel 10G NIC • Target was ~4000 subscribers per server • Optimal Configuration16 VMs, 128 S-Tags with 31 C- Tags each • 1.2 mps @ 64 byte and 9.6 gbs @ 1400 byte • 40-50% Idle with 46 GB ram used 57
  58. Telefónica and R-CORD 58 Ref: https://wiki.opencord.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1967521

  59. CORD Community Open and Community-Driven 59

  60. CORD Service Providers 60

  61. CORD Collaborators 61 In less than a year, the number

    of CORD collaborators almost equals number of ONOS collaborators
  62. CORD Brigades 1. 5G transport network Brigade 2. BOM Brigade

    3. Certification Brigade 4. Performance Brigade 5. Upgrade OpenStack Brigade 6. Container Brigade 7. Hierarchical CORD Brigade 8. Virtualized CORD Dev environment Brigade 62 Ref: https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/Brigades
  63. Integration Efforts 63

  64. CORD Build 2017 64 November 7 to November 9 San

    Jose, California, USA, QCT Headquarters Ref: http://opencord.org/view-blog/?id=4918
  65. Thank you! http://opencord.org