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The Future of Open Networking and OpenStack

Phil Huang
August 15, 2017

The Future of Open Networking and OpenStack

#ONOS #OpenCORD #ONF #Taiwan

Phil Huang

August 15, 2017

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  1. The Future of Open Networking and OpenStack Phil Huang 黃秉鈞

    [email protected] / [email protected] ONF CORD Ambassador / Edgecore Networks Solution Engineer National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taichung, Taiwan August 14, 2017
  2. 黃秉鈞 Phil Huang • ONF Ambassador Member • Edgecore Solution

    Engineer § ONF Projects Support § BigSwitch / CumulusLinux / Pica8 • SDNDS-TW Co-Founder 2 Ref: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-huang-09b09895/ ONF: Open Networking Foundation
  3. SDN & NFV 3 Where Are We Now? Disaggregated Network

    Monolithic Systems You disaggregate to get choice; you aggregate to get efficiencies
  4. 4

  5. Partner The Ecosystem of ONF – 200+ Members Strong Vibrant

    Operator Led Consortium Positioned for Success Innovator 110+ Volunteer Volunteers Collaborator Operators (7) Vendors (10) 70+ 100s ONF (& Stanford) Guru Parulkar Network Operators AT&T Andre Fuetsch – CTO Google Urs Hölzle – SVP NTT Comm Dai Kashiwa – Director Comcast Rob Howald– VP Verizon Srini Kalapala – VP China Unicom Shao Guanglu - SVP Research & Vendor Community Nick McKeown Stanford Fabian Schneider NEC New ONF Board Including 14 Operators: Argela/Turk Telecom Microsoft China Mobile Swisscom SK Telecom Telecom Italia ECI Telecom Telefonica Facebook TELUS Globe Telecom Vodafone Goldman Sachs Yahoo
  6. SONA: Data Center Network Virtualization Simplified Overlay Network Architecture 8

    Ref: https://wiki.onosproject.org/display/ONOS/SONA:+DC+Network+Virtualization
  7. SONA Objective • Optimized tenant network virtualization service for DC

    • Based on ONOS which provides § OpenStack Neutron ML2 driver § L3 service plugin • Provisioning an isolated virtual tenant network § Use VXLAN based L2 tunneling with Open vSwitch as a network hypervisor § Use BGP provides horizontal scalability of gateway node 9
  8. What is Trellis? 12 Datacenter Leaf-Spine Fabric Underlay Virtual Network

    Overlay Unified SDN Control Of Underlay & Overlay ONOS Controller Cluster & Apps Trellis is the enabling Network Infrastructure for CORD Trellis Provides Common control over underlay & overlay networks, including 1. Service Composition for Tenant Networks 2. Distributed Virtual Routing 3. Optimized Delivery of Multicast Traffic Streams CORD: Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter
  9. Underlay Fabric – Open Hardware 13 White Box SDN Switch

    Edgecore AS6712-32x Spine Switch 32 x 40G ports downlink to leaf switches 40G QSFP+/DAC GE mgmt. AS6712-32x White Box SDN Switch Edgecore AS6712-32x Leaf Switch 24 x 40G ports downlink to servers and vOLT 8 x 40G ports uplink to different spine switches ECMP across all uplink ports GE mgmt. AS6712-32x
  10. Metro Router White Box White Box White Box White Box

    White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box White Box Open Source SDN-based Bare-metal White Box White Box R,E,M- Access Trellis Architecture 14 ONOS Controller Cluster vRouter Control XOS (Orchestrator) vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS Residential Mobile Enterprise Underlay Control Underlay Overlay Control Overlay vOLT Control
  11. Virtual Network Overlay 15 OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS

    OVS OVS OVS Service VNFs & vNets Non-overlapping addresses Service B Virtual Network Tenant Green Virtual Network Overlapping address space Connectivity isolation VMs/Containers Service Y Virtual Network Tenant Blue Virtual Network Services can dynamically grow or shrink VXLAN Overlay VXLAN Overlay VXLAN Overlay Single VXLAN port in OVS
  12. Trellis Summary • Underlay Fabric § L2/L3 spine-leaf fabric –

    Bare-metal hardware + open source software § SDN control plane – No distributed protocols § Modern ASIC data plane – 1.28 Tbps switching bandwidth for each switch • Virtual Network Overlay § Designed for NFV – ChainedVNFs using with best principles of cloud § Overlay Control – XOS and VTN implement service graph § OVS + VXLAN Data Plane • Unified SDN Control § Common Control – Opportunity for optimized service delivery 16
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  16. ONOS Brigades • Build and Package Infrastructure • Deployments •

    Dynamic configuration • gRPC • GUI • Lion (Localization/Internationalization) 23 Ref: https://wiki.onosproject.org/display/ONOS/SONA:+DC+Network+Virtualization • Orchestration • P4 • Security & performance analysis • Teaching • Virtualization