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Open your front door, the serverless way

Open your front door, the serverless way

Creating your own IoT door lock may seem like a challenge, however with a few simple API solutions, we were able to get a prototype up and running in a day. In this talk, we are going walk through how Nicholas Grenié, Developer Advocate at Typeform and Jordan Schuetz, Developer Relations at PubNub created an IoT automated locking door with the TypeForm API and PubNub Functions.

We will be discussing how the model house was built and how we used an Arduino Yun to power servo motors that open and close the front door. Additionally, we will talk about how we used the Slack API for authentication on whether the door should be open or closed.

blog post: https://www.pubnub.com/blog/secure-remote-door-control-with-typeform-pubnub-functions-slack/

Nicolas Grenié

August 01, 2018

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  1. Open your front door, the serverless way Nicolas Grenié &

    Jordan Schuetz 2nd August 2018 Picture by Ruslan Bardash @picsoung @typeform @ninjapigstudios @pubnub
  2. Nicolas Grenié @picsoung

  3. About me @picsoung Developer Advocate Passionate by APIs Hackers

  4. None
  5. About Typeform Founded in 2013 David Okuniev and Robert Muñoz

    $35M series B New San Francisco office 200 employees 30+ countries Conversational data collection API platform launched last fall
  6. Jordan Schuetz https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanschuetz/ schuetz@pubnub.com @ninjapigstudios

  7. About me: Jordan Schuetz Developer Relations Indie Game Developer Love

    memes Host weekly meetups Write fun developer content Education
  8. None
  9. Hack idea: Automate checkin process

  10. Toolbox Typeform - to get visitor’s details Slack - to

    notify host PubNub - Serverless functions + IoT
  11. PubNub Confidential © 2018 IoT House

  12. PubNub Confidential © 2018 The Frame

  13. PubNub Confidential © 2018 The Internal Workings

  14. PubNub Confidential © 2018 The Arduino

  15. PubNub Confidential © 2018

  16. PubNub Confidential © 2018 PubNub Smart Home

  17. PubNub Confidential © 2018

  18. DEMO

  19. How does it work: TypeFormtoSlack POST POST Step 1: Extract

    details, send them to Slack
  20. TypeFormtoSlack

  21. TypeformtoSlack

  22. How does it work: SlackInteractive POST Step 2: Receive interactive

    slack Message
  23. How does it work: SlackInteractive Step 3: Open door and

    send message to Slack POST Publish Subscribe
  24. SlackInteractive

  25. SlackInteractive

  26. And voilà!

  27. Takeaways Serverless functions superglue for integrations Forms are more than

    just forms Slack is your mission control
  28. Questions? Nicolas Grenié & Jordan Schuetz nicolas.grenie@typeform.com schuetz@pubnub.com 2nd August

    2018 Rate this talk http://bit.ly/tf-pubnub