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Side projects for personal sanity

Side projects for personal sanity

Tips to keep working on your side projects (and not go crazy in the process)

As Developers we are strongly encouraged to have side projects when applying for jobs or to build a “personal brand”. What’s the healthiest strategy to build side projects without getting insane?

Side-projects are almost becoming a mandatory field on every developer’s resume. Your profile could almost look weird if you don’t have any. And building a portfolio of side projects is not an easy task. It should not be an obsession, nor something you should try to “game”.

What you'll learn

We will see how you can get started, keep it fun and entertaining, and also apply it for your own sanity. With a nice portfolio of side projects you can get some “street-cred” from other developers and, at the same time, enjoy the rewarding feeling when others start using the solutions you’ve built. It's a great way to keep yourself motivated and sane :)

In this workshop, Nicolas will share his experience on building side projects for fun, and also his approach to make the most out of it.

Who should attend?

This talk is indicated for both experienced developers who'd like to add some variety to their work, and also to new grads interested in building their first portfolio.

Presented at Le Wagon Paris Coding Bootcamp:

Nicolas Grenié

June 11, 2019

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  1. Side projects for your own sanity Nicolas Grenié Developer Advocate

    @ Typeform 11th June 2019 - Le Wagon Paris @picsoung @typeform
  2. Nicolas Grenié @picsoung @picsoung

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  11. @picsoung

  12. @picsoung

  13. @picsoung Look Good

  14. @picsoung Help You Learn

  15. @picsoung Could Become Big

  16. @picsoung Could Be Big

  17. @picsoung Could Be Big

  18. @picsoung Make you Appreciate What you have

  19. @picsoung

  20. @picsoung Scope

  21. @picsoung No code

  22. @picsoung Set up For Success

  23. @picsoung

  24. @picsoung Be Frugal

  25. @picsoung Let Them Go

  26. @picsoung

  27. @picsoung You Are Not Alone WIP.cha t r/sideproject

  28. @picsoung Plenty of Excuses

  29. @picsoung Have Ambition

  30. @picsoung Document It

  31. @picsoung Open Source

  32. @picsoung

  33. @picsoung Interview Take Home Project

  34. @picsoung Build something Bring value

  35. @picsoung 2017 Eclipse In USA

  36. @picsoung 2017 Eclipse In USA

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  42. Questions? Nicolas Grenié (@picsoung) nicolas.grenie@typeform.com 11th June 2019 Le Wagon

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