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Modern Easy IoT with Docker & Resin.io

Modern Easy IoT with Docker & Resin.io


Tim Perry

June 07, 2018

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  1. Modern easy IoT with Docker & Resin.io @pimterry

  2. Today’s Kit @pimterry Raspberry Pi 3 B Sense HAT

  3. @pimterry

  4. How do you deploy, monitor and manage IoT applications? @pimterry

  5. @pimterry

  6. @pimterry

  7. @pimterry

  8. @pimterry Wifi Login SSID: ResinWifi Password: resinwifi

  9. Create an account Create an application Add your device Push

    your code @pimterry Let’s get started!
  10. Sign up at Resin.io Enter your details Add an SSH

    key (optional) @pimterry Create an account
  11. @pimterry Create an application

  12. @pimterry Add your device Click ‘Add Device’ Pick Development edition

    Enter the network details Follow the guide to flash your SD card Setup your hardware Wait for it to boot...
  13. @pimterry Push your code git clone https://github.com/resin-io-playground/sense-snake Add your app

    as a git remote > git push resin master
  14. @pimterry Push your code (with no SSH key) git clone

    https://github.com/resin-io-playground/sense-snake Install the CLI: docs.resin.io/reference/cli/ (‘Standalone install’) In the sense-snake folder: > resin login > resin push <AppName>
  15. Reconfigure the app remotely See github.com/resin-io-playground/sense-snake Push code fast with

    local mode See docs.resin.io/learn/develop/local-mode/ Build something for yourself github.com/resin-io-playground/node-sense-hat github.com/RPi-Distro/python-sense-hat @pimterry Go further
  16. @pimterry Changing the network settings Plug in your SD card

    Open the ‘resin-boot’ device Open the ‘system-connections’ folder Edit the settings in resin-wifi-01 Eject, put in the pi, power it up
  17. @pimterry Have questions? forums.resin.io

  18. Modern easy IoT with Docker & Resin.io @pimterry