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Prototype the Internet of Things with Node-RED

Pooja Mistry
September 11, 2019

Prototype the Internet of Things with Node-RED

Prototyping the internet of things with Node-RED

Pooja Mistry

September 11, 2019

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  1. Prototyping the Internet of Things with Node-RED

  2. Node–RED Flow- based programming for the Internet of Things •

    Browser – based editor • Node.js runtime • Extendable palette
  3. 2013: Created by IBM Emerging Technology Services and open sourced

    later that year 2015: Added to the default Raspberry Pi image 2016: Became a founding project of the JS Foundation. 2018: Hit 1,000,000 installs
  4. Flow Based Programming • Invented by J. Paul Morrison at

    IBM in early 1970’s • A network of asynchronous processes communicating by means of streams of structured data chunks • Each process is a black box – it doesn’t know what has come before it or what comes after it ; it just acts on the data it receives and passes the result on
  5. Why Node – RED ?

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  9. What is a Node-RED Node ?

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  12. From the Edge to the Cloud Easily installed on the

    default Raspberry Pi image, Node-RED can be used out of the box to begin creating IoT applications Available in the IBM Cloud catalog as a quick start application, it takes moments to create cloud applications that combine services across the platform. Easily installed on other cloud platforms.
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  16. Other Input Nodes HTTP – Act as an HTTP endpoint;

    great for building RESTful services IBMIoT – Receive messages from an attached Watson IoT Platform Also can receive from Websockets, MQTT (pick your own broker), TCP and MQ Light
  17. Other Output Nodes HTTP Response; required as the final node

    when the input comes from an HTTP Request IBMIoT – send events out to the attached Watson IoT account Twilio – send SMS messages via the Twilio service IBM Push – Send Push notifications to mobile devices Also can send requests through TCP, UDP, MQLight, WebSockets.
  18. Social Nodes Storage Nodes Watson Services Nodes

  19. Sign up for IBM-Cloud Get a head start with IBM

    Cloud, sign up via: https://cloud.ibm.com/registration
  20. Find Node-RED on Catalog

  21. Demo Time!

  22. So many more things to do with Node-RED Install it

    locally and get wiring
  23. IBM developerWorks Recipes : https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/ Lots of contributed recipes for

    connecting things to Watson IoT platform – many using Node-RED
  24. More Node- RED Resources Node Red nodes and Flows: •

    https://flows.nodered.org • Find new nodes, share your flows and see what other • people have done with Node-RED Node Red official documentation: • https://nodered.org/docs/ • Getting Started - User Guide - Cookbook Watson Node Red nodes: • https://github.com/watson-developer-cloud/node-red-labs • A collection of examples on how to use the Watson nodes in Node-Red Community Hosted Node Red Guide : http://noderedguide.com/ • “ The node red guide is a series of lectures designed to get you stared with Node-Red” Pooja’s Node-RED Demo: https://github.com/pmmistry/Intro-to-Node-RED John Walicki Node-RED Examples: https://github.com/johnwalicki
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