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DDC - Modern Approach to Enterprise Application Integration

DDC - Modern Approach to Enterprise Application Integration

Modern Approach to Enterprise Application Integration - Talk for Digital Developer Conference

Pooja Mistry

March 15, 2021

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  1. Speakers: Pooja Mistry – IBM Developer Advocate Santhosh Ramanathan –

    TCS Partner , Cloud Pak for Integration Consultant Digital Developer Conference Modern Approach to Enterprise Application Integration Connecting Data and Services on the Cloud Use this cutout for a speaker video thumbnail. Delete if not using
  2. Agenda : Intro to App Integration IBM Cloud Pak for

    Integration Real-world Use Cases
  3. What is Integration? 3 Integration provides: 1. Connectivity 2. Routing

    3. Transformation to enable sharing of data between applications and services securely irrespective of the data format and protocol that these system and services use between them
  4. What is Cloud Pak for Integration? 5 A collection of

    software to create, manage, secure, and re-use integration assets
  5. • Cloud agnostic to run virtually anywhere on Red Hat

    OpenShift. • Unmatched scalability and resiliency through container and microservices based design • Development and operations Agility through consistent deployment onto Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Cloud Pak for Integration is Cloud Agnostic
  6. Cloud Pak for Integration: App Connect Set up flows to

    connect different applications to automate workflows and business logic
  7. Cloud Pak for Integration: API Connect a comprehensive end-to-end API

    lifecycle solution that enables the automated creation of APIs
  8. Cloud Pak for Integration: Event Streams IBM Event Streams is

    a high-throughput message bus built with Apache Kafka
  9. Cloud Pak for Integration: MQ IBM MQ provides proven, enterprise-grade

    messaging capabilities, such as point-to-point and publish/subscribe models, to facilitate the flow of information in the form of messages between applications
  10. TCS JumpStart Pak for Cloud Pak for Integration What is

    JumpStart Pak? Jumpstart Kit is a common marketplace for all integration offerings and solutions under one hood. The kit enables customers to quickly adapt and modernize their integration journey on Cloud Pak for Integration by using the following ready-to-use tools & accelerators. • Assessment toolkit to assess the current integration landscape • One-click deployment solution for deploying the integration workload into CP4I • Reusable integration patterns spanning across industry verticals Why TCS? • Managing 90+ IBM Middleware accounts for over a decade • 1000+ IBM middleware experts • Dedicated IBM incubation team for creating GTM solutions Benefits to Customers: • Quick MVP - Ready to use Env. And tools for quick demos. • Migration Approach – Align with customer long term vision • Moving to any Cloud – Methodology & tools to move to cloud • Ready to use Assets - Faster development and deployment • ROI - Calculate RoI and overall benefits to customers. Traditional integration setup to Cloud Pak for Integration – Migration Approach
  11. One Click Deployment § Enables Agile Delivery § Provides end-to-end

    automation to Cloud Pak for Integration Assessment tool § Questionnaire based Assessment tool § Decision Framework § Re-engineering Models § Deployment Models § Recommendations Industry Patterns § BFS Integration Patterns § Retail Integration Patterns § Manufacturing Integration Patterns MultiCloud Deployment Kit § Deployment Kit for other public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google) § Guidelines and best practices for multi-cloud TCS Jump Start Pak for Integration ROI Calculator Re-engineering Models
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