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Mind the gap: bridging the divide between sales & marketing

Mind the gap: bridging the divide between sales & marketing

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  1. 1 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. Maggie McCann ::

    Dir, Product Marketing :: Centro [email protected] MIND THE GAP: BRIDGING THE DIVIDE BETWEEN SALES & MARKETING
  2. 2 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. • Who am

    I? What do I do? (1 min) • Communication (15 min) – Get them the information – Consistency is Key – Create Habits • Building Partnership (10 min) – Get out of the office – People like to be included – Accountability for all • Actionable Takeaways & Questions (4 min) We Can Fix it! WHAT WILL BE COVERED:
  3. 4 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. WE HAVE DELIVERED

    GREAT RESULTS FOR: National Top 10 processor of digital media $500MM+ digital media processed last year 700+ Centrons in 41 North American offices Innovators in ad technology 2,000+ Agencies 6,000+ Brands 200,000+ Campaigns
  4. 8 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. PRODUCT TRAINING Covered

    in EVERY Product/Feature Training • What is this feature? How is it defined? • What is this feature in the wild? Where do we see it in our real lives? • How would a customer experience its effect in the real world? • Do we have a real world analogy Sellers could share with clients? A visual? If yes, what? • What are the benefits of this tool to Agencies? To Brands? • What key words or phrases are Sellers listening for? • What discovery questions should Sellers be asking of their clients to lead to the benefit of the feature? • What objections might Sellers hear about this feature? How should they respond? • What should sellers stop saying or doing regarding this feature, especially if a legacy feature? • What are the general technical specifications of the product? Anything Sales needs to know? • Who is our competition? Who should we be aware of? • Do sellers have the ability to demo this feature? If yes, what are the instructions? If no, what can they show? • What language would make sense to a client in a prospecting email?
  5. 10 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. Monthly: • Seller

    Newsletter • All-Hands Sales Call • Content is shared only through links are to our Sales Enablement tool • Everything new they need to know comes with links from the same person, with the same subject line, every month • Roadmap is updated monthly and includes feature/product tiers • Training follows a consistent schedule and allows for relevant information to be consumed in multiple ways
  6. 11 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS “PARTNERSHIP

  7. 13 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. PEOPLE LIKE TO

    BE INCLUDED Give them a stake in it, get them excited! • Create cross functional teams • Ask for help in building the story • Naming can always be a brainstorm
  8. 14 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ALL

    You Sales Always Provide Updates! Use the Data! Deliver what you promise!
  9. 15 | Copyright © 2018 Centro, LTD. One place for

    them to look (Sales Enablement Tool) One place to reference everything new and relevant announcements (Newsletter) ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Create habits and consistency (Tiering) Get to know them, and keep it informal (out of the office) Give them ownership (Cross Functional Teams) Keep your team accountable and consistent (Planner board for prioritization) Gather the data and report on it – highlight the people doing what you want them to be doing & HOW WE DO IT